Digital Transformation's Impact on Data Centers

Will the next twelve months see the same pressures placed on IT infrastructures and the data centers that support them as we’ve seen in the last two years?

Digital transformation has gone from aspiration to reality faster than most businesses knew how to handle it, but behind it all, technology teams were keeping the ship afloat.

Cadence commissioned market research firm Sapio Research to investigate some of today’s key trends within the data center landscape and the impact of digital transformation. We interviewed 500 Technical Professionals and 250 Digital Transformation Leaders to bring you two eBooks that reveal the latest industry insights. Read on to get a snapshot of what to expect or download the eBooks here.

Warning, there are spoilers after this point!

Capacity is Key to Success

Data center capacity is a critical battle ground for most businesses at present. Anyone having worked in the data center industry is familiar with the juggling act essential in trying to maximize capacity. It would be daunting for anyone when digital transformation shows up early to the party and throws extra pressure on the task of trying to maximize capacity.

Our research revealed that two–thirds (66%) of transformation leaders think that their digital transformation program will increase at a faster rate than has been seen over the last 18 months. This is understandable given that the rise of remote working introduced a deluge of technology that saw businesses scrambling to adapt their workforce to new ways of working.

58% of technical professionals told us that digital transformation has created more demand for data center capacity. With digital transformation accelerating towards the finish line—technology advancements such as AI and machine learning being applied to everyday technology—it’s no wonder that there is a strain on data center capacity.

The demand for more capacity has really impacted larger organizations of 10,000+ employees, with 66% scrambling for more capacity. Turning our focus on industries, we’ve identified that Manufacturing (64%), Financial Services (62%), and Healthcare (61%) are the sectors experiencing this impact the most.

Revealing the Key Data Center Trends

Has this disruption and pressure on the business been worth it? Our study shows that 81% of technical professionals do see the value in their organization’s digital transformation strategy. Although the fact that 19% described it as a “potential hindrance to the business” shows that a worrying proportion of companies are still trying to make sense of this major technological drive.

It’s clear that digital transformation poses a number of opportunities within every business, but also brings with it challenges for technical professionals and digital strategists to overcome.

Download the eBook for free to explore the latest insights and more. 


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22 February, 2023

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