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Future Facilities is a software company dedicated to improving the way data centers are designed and operated. We promote a unique methodology, powered by engineering simulation, that allows you to maximize data center performance at the lowest possible cost. Our digital twin allows you to predict, visualize and quantify the impact of any change in your data center prior to implementation, empowering you to make decisions with confidence.

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Electronics Thermal

Overcome your thermal design challenges with unparalleled intelligence, automation and accuracy.


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Future-proof your DC designs by modeling, testing and verifying them - all before a single brick is laid.


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Adapt to business demands by testing deployments in a safe environment prior to implementation.






How do we do it?
The Digital Twin

The digital twin (DT) is a virtual prototype of the physical data center that encompasses the entire IT and Facility infrastructure. 

Powered by engineering simulation, the DT enables you to predict the impact of change by visualizing and quantifying performance in your data center.

To make the best possible decision, it’s not enough to know what’s happening now: you need to know what’s happening next.



The Data Center
Management Landscape

A recent Gartner Cool Vendor Report found that “…a fragmented approach to operations typically results in significant data center capacity reduction — even forcing the construction of a new data center before it's needed, to achieve more capacity.” We believe this fragmentation is caused by a lack of visibility into the engineering aspects of data center management.


Stat Capacity


The average data center is utilized at 63% capacity from a square-footage perspective, leaving over 1/3 of potential space on the table.


Stat Power


The average data center is utilized at 56% capacity from a power perspective, potentially forcing new data center builds and increasing CapEx. 


Stat Consolidation

Plans for
Future Consolidation

62% of organizations surveyed say that they plan to consolidate their IT infrastructure to accommodate power and/or space availability - but how?

Thoughts from
the Industry

We believe that through use of the digital twin (DT), you can eliminate uncertainty and gain the visibility you need to make decisions with confidence. We’ve helped companies from a variety of industries to increase efficiency and reduce operational expenditure. Explore the testimonials below to learn how our customers used Future Facilities to gain peace of mind and optimize workflow.


Increased our performance
by 30 to 40%

Ricardo Montes
Senior Manager, DC Management


The holy grail is to have this be part of our regular processes

Christian Pastrana
VP of DC Planning, Citigroup


It's become a
central, core tool

Scott Payton
Technical Director, GDCE



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