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What is the 6Sigma Digital Twin?

The 6Sigma Digital Twin is your data center, replicated in a virtual world. As a simulation, the 6Sigma Digital Twin gives you the visibility and foresight to take control of your data center’s performance and maximize the value of your data center.

Cut Capacity Costs

Control resource utilization to realize data center project's business potential.

Safeguard Reliability 

Meet service level agreement (SLA) requirements in a safe, virtualized environment.

Reduce Response Time

Streamline individual and collective efforts to manage your data center.




Solutions by Industry

Times are changing and so should we. From rising digital demands to denser, more compact designs, thermal design and management are more difficult and important to prioritize than ever. Our solution? A software-defined methodology powered by simulation. The 6Sigma Digital Twin extends beyond the walls of the data center through our software suite 6SigmaDCX. Our toolkit simplifies both the design of components as well as their integration into the data center.

Future Facilities’ software virtualizes the entire data center ecosystem: your components, your data center, your power and cooling network; everything. By creating this virtual world, we’ve extended the digital twin concept to the entire industry, which enables all stakeholders to work together quickly and effectively. Whether you work in the electronics industry or data center operations, we have a tool in our software suite that can help.

Design and Operations icon 

Data Center

Future-proof your DC designs by modeling, testing and verifying them - all before a single brick is laid.




Operations and management icon

Data Center

Adapt to business demands by testing deployments in a safe environment prior to implementation.




ET icon 

Electronics Thermal

Overcome your thermal design challenges with unparalleled intelligence, automation and accuracy.





Thoughts from our Clients

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"With Future Facilities' tools and services, we have been able to model in a virtual environment, and proactively and predictively measure what is going to happen. This has allowed us to reduce our power consumption and increase our performance by 30-40%."

Ricardo Montes
Senior Manager, DC Management


“Engineering simulation is a really good interim step for us to understand what might happen if we do what we want to do...Prior to committing to recommended steps, we can see them first in a simulated environment

Christian Pastrana
VP of DC Planning, Citigroup

6SigmaRoom is an integral part of how we operate. Computational Fluid Dynamics doesn’t sound easy on the best of days, and so in order to get our clients to understand what that really is, the outputs and results that we get and how they’re visualized [in the Digital Twin], just make so much sense to our clients.”

Scott Payton
Technical Director, GDC

“Using the quick and accurate thermal simulation features in 6SigmaET, we were able to cut our modeling time by 30%. The platform’s high-performance, cloud based solving allowed us to scale without hardware limitations, giving us the opportunity to double the number of projects we can take on.”

William Villers
CTO & Director of Engineering, TEN TECH LLC

“Kao Data has worked together with Future Facilities to run CFD simulation to validate both internal and external data center design and operations. Their work and expertise with Digital Twin technology has been instrumental in helping us make better, more informed decisions for our business and clients.”

Paul Finch
COO, Kao Data


A Solution for Everyone

We aspire to make data center management easy. Whether you’re designing the space, walking the floor or signing the cheques, 6SigmaDCX has something to offer you. Learn more about how the data center industry is interconnected here

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Chief Financial Officer

Business intelligence software to align business value and project execution, resulting in financial savings


personas 01
Data Center Management

Cost control, risk reduction and team alignment to maximize data center performance 


personas 06
IT Operations

Holistic asset management and quick, reliable IT deployments and decommissions 



personas 09
Power Engineer

Meet service level agreements (SLAs) with precise, scalable, software-based approach



personas 05
Facility Operations

Streamlined planning of resource utilization and service level agreements (SLAs) backed by CFD and science  


personas 04
Design Consultants

Only proven solution to model a real-life data center and the most powerful CFD solver on the market


personas 11
IT Manufacturers 

Communicate verified IT design to prospects in their data center environment





personas 10
Infrastructure Manufacturers

Visualize optimized infrastructure design to prospects within their data center’s configuration 




personas 08
Electronics Thermal Engineer

Interested in thermal simulation of electronics? Visit 6SigmaET website today





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