The 6Sigma Digital Twin by Future Facilities

Historically, data center management has been split into silos that each focus on one aspect of managing a data center. Today, as businesses demand more and more from their digital infrastructure, the primary weakness of this approach emerges, namely that silos cannot foresee the performance impact of their plans combined. 

Even before the global pandemic, this was causing operators to build three data centers for every two they needed. This problem is only going to get worse as digital services grow in number and sophistication. The data center industry has reached a point where the inefficient use of capacity has become a significant cost factor. This is where the 6Sigma Digital Twin comes in.

The 6Sigma Digital Twin is a 3D virtual replica of your data center that can simulate its physical behavior under any operating scenario. Our platform encompasses the entire data center ecosystem, including virtual representations of the building blocks of your data center—the power, cooling and IT systems components from all major OEMs.

The 6Sigma Digital Twin brings all stakeholders together to foresee and take control of the performance and business impact of operations on your data center. Our extensive digital database, combined with physics-based simulation and your favorite integrations (from DCIM to Microsoft365), provides your teams with a centralized, collaborative platform to maximize the business value and performance of your data center.




Thoughts from our Clients

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“The advantages of a digital twin are that you can significantly reduce design time, build an optimized, reliable system quickly and precisely, and make as few changes in the future as possible, so it's much less expensive to build an optimal system.”

Bahgat G. Sammakia, VP of Research at Binghamton University

“Prior to committing to steps that were recommended to us, we wanted to see them first in a simulated environment. We have taken steps to start planning IT migrations and some other technology related initiatives—like tech refreshes of equipment and high-density deployments—with simulation. We want to see how changes are going to perform first, so simulation has been the way for us to do that.

Christian Pastrana, VP of DC Planning at Citigroup

6SigmaDCX is an integral part of how we operate now. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) doesn't sound easy on the best days. In order to get our clients to absorb that and understand what CFD means, the outputs, results, and how they're visualized just make so much more sense to our clients. Rather than talking in terms of CFMs, airflows, and velocities, we show them the 6Sigma Digital Twin.”

Scott Payton, Technical Director at GDCE



The 6Sigma Digital Twin Deep Dive

Data center management must implement IT services quickly, minimize environmental risk and maximize efficiency. Overcome this challenge and more with the 6Sigma Digital Twin. Watch our Deep Dive to learn how.


The 6Sigma Digital Twin eBook

Unlock your data center's business potential with the 6Sigma Digital Twin eBook. Gain access to a state of the industry report and a digital twin case study as well here.

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The 6Sigma Digital Twin and DCIM

While the 6Sigma Digital Twin and DCIM are complementary toolsets, they do have one, distinct difference. DCIM is focused on managing the data center at this present moment through monitoring, asset management and workflow. The 6Sigma Digital Twin builds on this model with a focus on future planning and implementation through physics-based simulation. The below maturity model delves into more detail.



Data Center Management Maturity Model

data center management maturity model

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