Data Center Digital Twin 
A necessity for unlocking your data center's business potential

A data center project, like any business venture, must realize its business potential to be considered successful. In this way, data center projects are required to justify initial investment and build costs with a return on investment (ROI). 

But with current practices, the typical data center falls short of delivering. Why is this happening in the data center industry and—more pressing for data center managers—what impact does this have on business operations? 

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This eBook examines these questions as well as unpacks a state of the industry report. It provides a look into a simulation solution that has been tested and is currently in use: The Data Center Digital Twin. Holding a data center project to its original budget throughout its life is complex and difficult, but this process can be simplified with a digital twin of the data center. 

This eBook demonstrates how the Digital Twin can reduce risk and cost while improving data center performance.


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