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Future Facilities consultants work in data centers every day. We incorporate our experience from sites around the world into our simulation projects, and guarantee high-fidelity, calibrated models that our clients can trust. We create a virtual prototype of your data center to analyze its cooling performance, so you can safely explore IT deployment options. We also offer data center assessment & design training for consultants and end-users.

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Private & Enterprise

Keep your facility performance close to design goals while maintaining the operational flexibility needed to meet stakeholder objectives.

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Colo & Edge

See the impact of planned changes in your facility, and avoid over-engineering while meeting critical customer SLAs.


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Cloud & Hyperscale

Provide reliable computations-as-a-service at commodity rates via innovative and efficient data center designs.



Case Study for Cost-Energy Savings:
Citigroup & NYSERDA FlexTech Initiative

Citigroup utilized the 6Sigma Digital Twin from Future Facilities to improve their NYC data center’s efficiency, finding potential savings of over $290,000 annually. With an initial investment of just $28,500 for remediation, the project is expected to see a full ROI in 6 months.

Powered by engineering simulation, the 6Sigma Digital Twin allowed Citigroup to simulate and predict the impact of any change – removing uncertainty in the decision-making process and creating the potential for the 6Sigma Digital Twin to be fully integrated into their workflow.

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Data Center Assessment Levels

View our standard service range, designed to suit companies in different industries at every project stage and budget.

Bronze - Image


Bronze | $
An off-site service designed to give you insight into the cooling performance of your conceptual designs.

Example Project
Client: DC Consultant
Project: Cooling and IT layout - Proof of Concept
Key Findings: Control system design was flawed. Site and design constraints meant a number of alternatives were reviewed and a working solution was found.
Project Timeline: 2 weeks

Silver - Image

Silver | $$
Our entry-level on-site service. We make a brief site visit and provide you with room-level cooling system performance analysis, along with our observations from the data center floor.

Example Project
Client: DC Consultant
Project: Survey as-built shell, evaluate IT layout and cooling design.
Key Findings: Cooling pipe routes were found to adversely impact ACU supply airflow. ACUs were relocated to mitigate this effect. Colocation cages led to warm air build up and higher IT inlet temperatures. Alterations were recommended to restore expected performance.
Project Timeline: 3 weeks

Gold - Image

Gold | $$$
We inspect your data center in detail all the way up to the racks, so you can see precisely how air is delivered from your air handlers to your rack inlets. Verified through calibration.

Example Project
Client: Aviation Industry
Project: Increase safety margin of cooling system through improvements to air supply path
Key Findings: Cooling delivery paths were safely brought back into a managed state, after the insight gained from an airflow analysis provided both justification for, and risk assessement of, the remedial options. Additional infrastructure was avoided.
Project Timeline: 1 month

Platinum - Image

Platinum | $$$$
Our premium offering. We survey your entire data center, going all the way inside the racks to give you a complete picture of cooling performance.

Example Project
Client: Global Bank
Project: Assess cooling performance. Identify areas to obtain operational and efficiency improvements.

Key Findings: Maximum equipment temperatures were lowered through alterations to internal rack configurations, and supply air pressures in contained cold aisles were rebalanced in preparation for large equipment deployments.
Project Timeline: 2 months

External - Image

External | $ to $$$$
Understand the impact of different ambient conditions on your external plant. Identify worst-case wind directions, contaminant pathways, risk of temperature and humidity recirculation, and more.

Example Project
Client: Design Consultant
Project: Free-cooling external design analysis
Key Takeaways: Free-cooled units suffered from external recirculation, limiting peak cooling performance. Free-cooled units were lab tested to reconfirm nominal performance. Updated building design options were proposed and performance was evaluated.
Project Timeline: 2 months

Benefit from our Data Center Expertise

Whether you want to reduce hot-spots, improve ASHRAE compliance or verify the cooling performance of your TIER™ certified facility, we can help. Future Facilities also offers a short-term Proof of Concept (POC) to help you keep thermal issues a thing of the past.

The package includes Gold Level assessment, a detailed data center health report, and three months of 6SigmaDCX software and support.

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