The Capacity Planning Challenge

Success within a data center starts with effective communication between teams, and a planning process that is as agile as it is reliable. Current industry practices favor short-term fixes over long-term capacity management strategies. Over time, this reduces data center performance.

Because data center managers must respond to problems as they arise, they are often forced to risk resiliency and efficiency by making decisions based on inadequate data.

How can you make informed capacity plans while still maintaining flexibility and speed? By using the 6Sigma Digital Twin.



Benefits of the 6Sigma Digital Twin in Operations

The 6Sigma Digital Twin is a customized toolset that enables teams to communicate and plan effectively, ensuring both speed and quality in data center capacity planning.


Across Teams

Connect IT and facilities teams to better analyze the effects of IT changes on power, space and cooling before physical deployment.

Make Decisions

Make Decisions

Analyze “what-if” scenarios ranging from high-density deployments to equipment failures and ensure that plans can be implemented safely.


Your Process

Remove bottlenecks and combat unnecessary costs by increasing confidence and communication between teams.



The 6Sigma Digital Twin

The 6Sigma Digital Twin is a 3D virtual model of the physical data center. It is a centralized platform designed specifically for data center operations that unites IT, facilities and data center managers for analysis and decision-making.


6Sigma Access

For the IT or hardware planner, the platform enables you to propose asset changes. This is done through our browser-based, multi-user tool called 6SigmaAccess.

6Sigma Room

Facilities engineers use 6SigmaRoom to predict the impact of proposed changes on power distribution, space utilization, weight limits and cooling paths.

6Sigma Gateway

6SigmaGateway module imports live data such as power and temperature into the model. The live data is merged onto the existing model for accurate predictions. 



The 6Sigma Digital Twin is ready to deploy today.

Employ our expert engineering team to build a comprehensive digital twin model and perform one of our standard assessments of your data center's health. 

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