Accelerate Your Thermal Design

6SigmaET is an award-winning thermal modeling tool specifically designed for the electronics industry. It uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to create accurate thermal models of electronic equipment. 

ET Design 


Full visibility of temperature and airflow inside your equipment allows you to make better engineering decisions that balance performance and cost.

ET Optimize 


Thermal simulation allows you to experiment with optimization in a virtual environment. This is faster, cheaper and safer than physical experimentation.

ET Verify 


Late-stage design modifications can be very expensive. The earlier issues are identified, the fewer prototypes are needed for verification.




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Thermal management is now a critical factor in modern electronics design, helping you to avoid performance reduction, ensure reliability & prevent safety issues. 

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Results You Can Rely On

6SigmaET’s powerful solver gives you simulation results you can rely on. It can solve large models with complex geometry, so you can include the amount of detail needed to get accurate results.

Our customers have validated 6SigmaET against real-world measured temperatures, and found excellent agreement.

Solver Performance