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The Ultimate Engineering Simulation Toolset for Data Centers

The successful design and operation of any data center lies in predicting and quantifying the engineering impact of change. 6SigmaDCX enables you to: 

  • Gain a competitive edge in design of new data centers or hardware
  • Reduce energy costs without compromising service delivery or SLAs
  • Reclaim unusable capacity without risk
  • Consolidate into fewer data centers

Designed. Maintained. Integrated.

In design, our software helps the world’s most innovative companies set the new standard for scalable, efficient and reliable data centers.

In operation, our software removes the fear of change, delivering a decision engine that enables the business to be flexible, agile and adaptable. We have a proven track record for delivering data center reliability, efficiency, visability and cross-team communication.

Above all, our tailored software solutions connect CAD tools and live operational systems to ensure model fidelity and give you confidence to experiment in a safe off-line environment.

We call this the Fluid Data Center.

Designed. Maintained. Integrated. - Image

As Fluid as the Business it Serves

The Fluid Data Center takes engineering simulation from being a space, power and cooling simulation tool that was once the preserve of the expert, and delivers it into the hands of data center professionals of all levels.

There's now no need to be reactive, or even proactive, to accommodate the ever changing business requirements of your data center estate. 6SigmaDCX offers a truly predictive solution for not only the facilities of today but also tomorrow.

No matter the type, there's a solution built for you!

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  • DCX delivers incredible simplicity without compromising the power and functionality of the suite. With the enhancements made to DCX’s interface and user design, it’s now simple to accomplish in minutes what it used to take weeks to learn.

    Vartan Moskovian
    Critical Facilities Consultant, Critical Facilities Services, HP

  • Familiar Microsoft Office style ribbon tool bars and clear icons make basic model construction really easy and intuitive whilst advanced features are well packaged and easy to find if you do need them. Future Facilities has clearly been listening to its market and its users. CFD for Data Centers has finally been tamed!

    Stuart Hall
    Sales Engineer, Digital Realty

  • The iOS of data center CFD software packages – intuitive, profoundly logical, and user-friendly GUI. The best data center specific modeling software that I have tested as well as worked with. A must-have tool for data center designers, managers and operators alike.

    Suresh Soundararaj
    Senior Mechanical Engineer, PTS

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