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Our professional services teams can help, whether you want to reduce hot-spots, improve ASHRAE compliance, verify the cooling performance of your facility or even design the space outside of your data center. We work with clients whose interests range from legacy DC to cutting edge design for all applications including enterprise, colo and cloud.

Citigroup & NYSERDA FlexTech Cost-Energy Savings Initiative

Citigroup utilized the Virtual Facility (VF) from Future Facilities to improve their NYC data center’s efficiency, uncovering potential savings of over $290,000 annually. With an initial investment of just $28,500 for remediation, the project is expected to see a full ROI in 6 months.

Powered by engineering simulation, the VF allowed Citigroup to simulate and predict the impact of any change – removing uncertainty in the decision-making process and laying the groundwork for the VF to be fully integrated into their workflow.

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Assessment Services


Gain conceptual insight into your facility's potential. For existing sites, we evaluate data hall operation via drawings and commissioning data.



Receive limited simulation results - verified through spot measurements in the live facility - to indicate how well the input data reflects reality.



Receive fully calibrated simulation results up to the rack inlet and receive suggestions for improved data center health.



Receive fully calibrated simulation results for the entire white space, giving you visibility and the ability to make changes to your facility with confidence.





Reporting Level    
Conceptual cooling performancexxxx
White space conditions xxx
Rack inlet conditions/SLA compliance  xx
IT device inlet conditions   x
Model and free 6SigmaViewer softwarexxxx
Simulation and recommendation reportxxxx
Site survey walk-around report xxx
Simulation vs. measurement (calibration) report  xx
Custom Performance Analysis via PI xxx
Survey & Measurements    
Thermal imagery xxx
Cooling unit performance measurement  xx
Grille air flow measurement Spot checkAll grillesAll grilles
Floor void survey Spot checkMain obstructionsAll underfloor obstructions

Getting Started

Future Facilities recommends a short-term Proof of Concept (POC). The overall package includes:

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Up to Gold level assessment service

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Full detailed report of DC health and PI score

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3 months of software trial and support

The Performance Indicator

Our engineers can evaluate your operational performance to find an acceptable balance between efficiency and risk. The Performance Indicator (PI) from The Green Grid makes it easy to review your options, before you commit to any of them.

Understand your data center as it is today, take greater advantage of newer technologies, and get more from your data center real estate.

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