What Our Customers Say

At Future Facilities, we are known for our excellent engineering support staff. No matter where you are in the world, we are ready to help you solve the biggest challenges of data center design and operations.


Christian Pastrana

VP of Data Center Planning, Citigroup

"The holy grail is to have this be a regular part of our processes"

"Engineering simulation was especially attractive to us because...often what you're expecting to see as a result [in a data center], you don't always get. Simulation was a really good interim step for us to understand the impact of doing something we wanted to do."


Ricardo Montes

Senior Manager, DC Management

"Increased our performance by 30 to 40%"

"What [simulation] enabled us to do was to be very proactive and stop the guessing of monitoring and manual work…it has allowed us to reduce power consumed and to provide cooling where it is needed."


John Parker

DC Management & Disaster Recovery, ESRI

"An eye-opener"

"The fascinating part about 6SigmaDCX is that it allowed me to, in advance, put hardware anywhere I wanted to in my data center...and then run the simulations and see how well it would work."


Scott Payton

Technical Director, Global Data Center Engineering

"It's become a central, core tool"

“6SigmaRoom is an integral part of how we operate now. It’s become a central, core tool that we have. Everybody in the organization is learning to use the tools. We really value the ability to export to CAD, both in 2D and in 3D.”

Digital Realty - Image

Stuart Hall

Sales Engineer, Digital Realty

"CFD for data centers has finally been tamed!"

"The tools we choose at Digital Realty need to be simple enough to pick-up and use quickly and accurately even on an occasional basis. The trouble is, CFD is notorious for being a ‘bit of a beast’ in terms of complexity. Future Facilities has risen to the challenge with the 6SigmaDCX Suite. Familiar Microsoft Office style ribbon tool bars and clear icons make basic model construction really easy and intuitive, whilst advanced features are well packaged and easy to find if you do need them. Future Facilities has clearly been listening to its market and its users."

HP - Image

Vartan Moskofian

Critical Facilities Consultant, Critical Facilities Services, Hewlett Packard

"It’s now simple to accomplish in minutes what it used to take weeks to learn"

“...DCX delivers incredible simplicity without compromising the power and functionality of the suite. With the enhancements made to DCX’s interface and user design, it’s now simple to accomplish in minutes what it used to take weeks to learn. The redesigned interface truly opens the door to getting the most out of the DCX suite… and to getting the most out of your data center.”

Compass - Image

Jose Ruiz

LEED® AP BD+C, Engineering Director, Compass Data Centers

"DCX has enabled me to design the digital twin of a Compass data center in less than one hour"

“DCX has made my CFD modeling so much easier. I have always liked the user experience with 6SigmaRoom, but DCX user interface is amazing - surprisingly easier to use and navigate. The implementation of the ribbon technology menu is my favorite feature because it is a familiar technology, thus creating a more efficient and user-friendly application experience...In my opinion, 6SigmaRoom is the best and most powerful CFD software solution for the mission critical industry - I highly recommend it.”

AEI - Image

Matt Koukl

Mission Critical Services Project Manager, AEI Affiliated Engineers

"Model multiple solution iterations on a faster timeline with greater accuracy"

“Future Facilities has figured out how to increase the user experience with intuitive tools and toolbars that improve the functionality of performing a CFD model. After beta testing 6SigmaDCX, AEI can develop a facility model more quickly than with past versions. AEI and our clients benefit from these enhancements to model multiple solution iterations on a faster timeline with greater accuracy.”

PTS - Image

Suresh Soundararaj

Senior Mechanical Engineer, PTS Data Center Solutions

"The best data center specific modeling software that I have tested as well as worked with"

“6SigmaDCX is the iOS of data center CFD software packages – intuitive, profoundly logical, and user-friendly GUI. The best data center specific modeling software that I have tested as well as worked with. A must-have tool for data center designers, managers and operators alike.”

Equinix - Image

Nathan Devore

Mechanical Engineer, Equinix

"Even more user friendly...faster and easier to use"

“Release 12 is even more user friendly compared to the earlier versions, and it is faster and easier to use.”