Learn how the world's leading data center designers and vendors use 6SigmaDCX to design resilient and efficient data centers. 

Design: Red Case study - Image

Innovative Cooling Design: Delivering Capacity and Resilience with Confidence

When RED Engineering designed a state-of-the-art rooftop plant for a Tier III 40,000 ft2 data center, they wanted to use the latest technology advances in cooling systems and design techniques. They used the Virtual Facility to model the external environment and run simulations to ensure that the cooling system they designed would deliver the required capacity and resilience.


Design: Airedale Case Study - Image

Putting the 'Precision' in Precision Air Conditioning

When Airedale needed a solution to enhance product design prior to prototyping, they chose the Virtual Facility. With the VF's ability to model the internal workings of the units and the whole test facility environment, Airedale realized greater all-round performance in a fraction of the time and cost.


Design: Upsite Case Study - Image

Containment Design: Reducing Time to Market for New Technologies

When Upsite Technologies - leaders in data center airflow management - sought to design and market their unique AisleLok® Modular Containment system, they turned to the Virtual Facility. Harnessing the power of CFD simulation, Upsite’s designers took AisleLok from concept to production in less than a year. In doing so, they enjoyed significant returns on investment measured in time, money and competitive advantage.




Learn how today's leading enterprise data centers are utilizing 6SigmaDCX in their operations to save energy, mitigate hot-spots and reclaim lost capacity. 

Enterprise: Citigroup Case Study - Image

Citigroup & NYSERDA FlexTech Cost-Energy Savings Initiative

Citigroup utilized the Virtual Facility (VF) from Future Facilities to improve their NYC data center’s efficiency, finding potential savings of over $290,000 annually. With an initial investment of just $28,500 for remediation, the project is expected to see a full ROI in 6 months.

Powered by engineering simulation, the VF allowed Citigroup to simulate and predict the impact of any change – removing uncertainty in the decision-making process and creating the potential for the VF to be fully integrated into their workflow.


Enterprise: CBRE Case Study - Image

Improving Performance in a Mission-Critical Financial Services Facility

When CBRE’s global finance customer wanted to improve energy efficiency in a Tier IV data center - without compromising availability or sacrificing capacity - they chose the Virtual Facility to make it happen. They safely assessed and evaluated a wide range of improvement plans, saving the bank an estimated $10+ million through combined efficiency and capacity gains in a single data center.


Enterprise: Large DC Case Study - Image

IT Consolidation in a 1MW Data Center

This case study highlights the benefits of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in data center operations. The analysis provided by Future Facilities (FF) gave the client a scientific foundation on which to carry out a largescale IT consolidation project, which would result in loading the data center to its maximum capacity. The investigation also demonstrated this deployment could be managed at reduced operating costs through alteration of the flow regime.




Learn how 6SigmaDCX can be used at the design or operations stages of a Co-Location data center to help ensure critical SLAs are met. 

Colocation: Compass Case Study - Image

Design and Commissioning

When Compass Datacenters™ wanted a tool to let them confidently capacity plan, they chose the Virtual Facility. As a colocator whose disaster-resistant, future-proofed data centers have met with critical acclaim, the company has used the Virtual Facility from their first day of trading to design and commission DCs that maximize revenue and ensure that service level agreements (SLAs) remain unbreached.