Future Facilities, now Cadence, provides industry-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software and digital twin technology to support data center teams in decision making. 6SigmaDCX receives regular updates to ensure data center teams can make the best decisions possible using fast, accurate, and powerful software. With significant performance and usability improvements, Release 17 has transitioned to the new enhanced view, ensuring fast view manipulation, easy object selection, and new result analysis options to take the 6SigmaDCX user experience to the next level.

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6SigmaDCX Release 17 Supports Different Sectors


R17 Enterprise

Drive Performance

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Air to Air heat exchanger

Accelerate Design 

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Release 17 Supports Enterprise 

Enterprise data centers use Release 17 to assess deployments virtually before implementation.

Asset Management

Discover viable options for deployment with 6SigmaDCX’s traffic light system and capacity overview.

Airflow and Cooling

Enhance deployment strategies with 6SigmaDCX’s airflow and cooling predictions using CFD.  

Analyze Power

Assess power availability with 6SigmaDCX’s traffic light system and simulate power failure scenarios. 

Simplified Reporting

Create reports in the 6SigmaDCX desktop app and easily send to our browser-based software for more insights. 

Release 17 Supports Colocation

Colocation data centers use Release 17 to optimize capacity while mitigating risk.

Airflow and Cooling

Test cooling infrastructure stability and impact on zones and cages with failure scenarios. 

Evaluate Power

Use measured, sold, or budgeted power to assess power availability with 6SigmaDCX’s traffic light system.

Zone Modeling

Model the separation of zones and cages and easily assess zone-level data. 

Automate Reporting 

Automatically generate reports in the 6SigmaDCX desktop app and make them available to your colocation customers with our online planning software.

Release 17 Supports Consultants

Data center consultants use Release 17 to troubleshoot and improve data center design. 

Easily Create Models

Quickly create digital twin models using over 8,500 library items of data center specific equipment. 

Failure Analysis

Use CFD to simulate cooling and power infrastructure failure scenarios. 

External Modeling

Simulate the impact of wind, humidity, temperature, and contaminants on the external data center. 

Flow Network

Assess the impact of multiple data halls on the chilled water infrastructure using the 1D flow network.

Release 17 Supports Vendors 

Data center vendors use Release 17 to model equipment and assess performance in a data center environment. 

Item Library

6SigmaDCX’s expansive library can contain your assets for other customers to use. 

Design Stages

Assets can be modeled in detail or simplified based on what stage of design you are in. 

Airflow and Cooling

Test asset performance with respect to airflow and cooling in a virtual data center environment. 

CAD Import

Easily create and model assets using a wide selection of CAD import types.