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Future Facilities provides industry-leading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and digital twin technology to support data center teams in decision making.

We regularly update our product suite to improve performance, accuracy, and speed, providing your team with new functionality and the tools necessary to empower sustainable success.

6SigmaDCX Release 16 pushes the boundaries of modeling software, with cutting-edge graphics and streamlined integrations for your business process — including fully automated build, edit, solve, and report workflows.

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6SigmaDCX Release 16 Supports Different Sectors


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Drive Performance

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Operate Confidently 

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Streamline Analysis 

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Accelerate Design 

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Release 16 Supports Enterprise 

Release 16 consolidates the information enterprise data centers care most about to empower decision makers.

Enhanced View Reporting

Automate reports in Enhanced View for photorealistic model snapshots, clear-cut results, and more.

Improved Dashboards

Share new insights with improved dashboards and charts.

Power Configurations

New views, editable objects, and automations enhance power analysis and accelerate model creation. 

More Connected 

Empower decisions with a range of powerful integrations, from BI tools to ticketing software and monitoring systems. 

Release 16 Supports Colocation

Release 16 provides a holistic view of data center performance, so colocation data centers can optimize capacity while mitigating risk.

BIM IFC Integration

IFC files connect to library items during the import process for faster model creation.

Enhanced View Reporting

Reports are generated in Enhanced View for photorealistic results that will wow recipients.

Customizable Dashboards

Discover new insights with customizable dashboards and charts.

Streamlined Simulation Results 

Spend less time moving between toolsets by viewing 6SigmaRoom simulation reports within 6SigmaAccess.

Release 16 Supports Consultants

Release 16 accelerates the model build and design process, so data center consultants can meet project timelines with ease.

BIM IFC Integration

Import BIM models directly into 6SigmaDCX for faster model creation.

External Modeling & Isosurfaces

New views and objects provide innovative ways to visualize external models and empower risk analysis.

1D Flow Network

Improvements to the 1D Flow Network ensure fast, accurate thermal flow analysis.

Enhanced View Reporting

Generate reports in Enhanced View to create stunning visual content for clients.

Release 16 Supports Vendors 

Release 16 simplifies equipment analysis with integrations and intelligent objects to ensure data center vendors can focus on perfecting thermal design. 

BIM IFC Integration

Accelerate model creation by connecting IFC files to library items during the import process.

Object Modeling Improvements

Match manufacturer data easily with simplified chiller objects, model IDEC units in detail with air-to-air heat exchangers, and more.

Enhanced View Reporting

Use Enhanced View to create stunning reporting content for client presentations.

Model Maintenance

Simplify model design with new CAD import and exports, as well as user interface improvements.

Customers Can Now Download Release 16


Not a Customer? Request a Free Trial