About 6SigmaDCX Release 15

Our 6SigmaDCX product suite creates a Digital Twin of your data center that provides a collaborative framework and the necessary design tools to drive informed, real-time decisions regarding thermal risk and capacity utilization. Release 15 streamlines data center design and management with new big data features, faster model creation and automation across the board.

6SigmaDCX Release 15 allows you to make data-driven decisions, gain invaluable insights and work more cohesively.


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6SigmaDCX Release 15 Supports Different Sectors


Know your space so you can sell fast

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Use data to drive performance

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Streamline reporting and analysis

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Accelerate design with automation

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Release 15 Supports Colocation 

Colocation facilities move at a rapid pace. You need to know exactly how much space and power you can sell to fulfill an incoming customer request before your competitor does. The Digital Twin streamlines the selling process and gives you the assurance that you’re maximizing your capacity across the entire portfolio. 

Automate Tedious Tasks

With our enhanced Cages feature, your job is as easy as copy & paste—create your space only once.

Sell Space Fast

With available capacity metrics for cages and zones, you can fulfill an incoming customer request in minutes.

Know Your Space

The Available Space feature lets you know exactly how much space you can sell at any time.

True-To-Life Graphics

Our enhanced graphics make the model as real-life as it gets for smooth, streamlined model navigation. 

Release 15 Supports Enterprise 

Big data. Data management. Data analytics. Sound familiar? Enterprise data centers have so much data to sift through that it makes scalability next to impossible. This release consolidates data and speeds up the reporting process from days to minutes, so you can focus on getting ahead.  

Query the Entire Database

Say goodbye to model-by-model analysis and hello to the new and improved Insights Table. Investigate the state of your enterprise in seconds. 

Drive Performance with Data

Connect your database of information to your decision-making process with a range of powerful integrations, from BI tools to ticketing software and monitoring systems. 

Automate Tedious Tasks

Prioritize and schedule model solves ahead of time with the enhanced Scheduler. Likewise, automate your reporting process in as little as a few clicks. 

Understand Capacity Utilization

The model will now automatically calculate the data center’s capacity utilization across a wide range of metrics, from power, space, weight, cooling load and cooling airflow.

Release 15 Supports Consultants

We get it—you bill by the hour and don't have time to be slowed down by your simulation software. The Digital Twin offers customizable reporting templates, readymade objects and photorealistic graphics to accelerate project timelines.

Customizable Templates

Streamline the reporting process with our customizable templates. Focus more time analyzing data and less time worrying about presenting it. 

Photorealistic Graphics

Our enhanced graphics make for faster analysis and cleaner reporting content, so you can quickly showcase your design’s benefits. 

Readymade Liquid Cooling Objects

Liquid cooling is fast becoming a consideration in data center design. Make sure you’re ready to implement liquid cooling with our readymade objects.

BIM and Flownex Features 

Incorporate 3D information from BIM and flow network data from Flownex® seamlessly into 6SigmaDCX with our updated integration features.

Release 15 Supports Vendors 

Stop modeling from scratch and start using our smart, readymade objects and templates. The Digital Twin's new, enhanced graphics make it easier to analyze your build and present your verified design to others. 

Accelerated Build Process

Convert your existing CAD to 6SigmaDCX smart objects for a faster, more streamlined design process.  

Readymade Templates

Get started quickly with our readymade templates, such as the detailed ACU template, so you can focus more on perfecting your design and less on model set-up. 

Advanced Liquid Cooling Features

Readymade liquid cooling objects make it easier to jump on the liquid cooling bandwagon before it’s too late. 

Enhanced Graphics

Create stunning reporting content to present to clients with our photorealistic graphics. 


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