What's New in Release 13

With the data center landscape shifting towards hybrid on-premise data centers, teams are seeking out new tools to unify capacity planning and data center engineering in one platform. We have set out to meet these changing demands with Release 13 by unifying process and engineering through the data center digital twin.

Release 13 of 6SigmaDCX focuses on enabling collaboration, simplifying model-building and increasing productivity in data center design and operations. Here’s what’s new:

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Cross-Platform Collaboration

Harmonize data across platforms with 6SigmaAccess upgrades and new and expanded DCIM integrations. Unlock more of your existing CAD data with STEP and IGES support.

  • 6SigmaAccess expansions
  • Digitalor integration
  • Import power data from nlyte & Trellis

Cross-Platform Collaboration - Image

Modeling Enhancements - Image


Modeling Enhancements

Bring greater accuracy and detail to your models with new route bend geometry and segment grouping. Expand outside the whitespace with greater external modeling capabilities.

  • Route modeling: curved & mitered elbow bends, group segments
  • External modeling: V block chiller, result plots & automated grid


Power Network Expansions

Easily visualize, connect and edit your facility’s power infrastructure with new intuitive power network views. Quickly analyze facility loading data with clear, comprehensive panel schedules.

  • Interactive logical views for easier connections
  • New panel and breaker view showing failure risk
  • One-click connectivity for racks and PDUs

Power Network Expansions - Image

1D Flow Network - Image


1D Flow Network

Use flow networks to quickly calculate pressure, temperature and flow rates in your facility. Connect the network to the 3D model’s ACUs to build more accurate cooling failure simulations.

  • Create & view 1D flow networks
  • Model cooling failure on the 1D network & view transient results
  • Connect 1D network to 3D model via ACU supplies/returns


Productivity Improvements

Supercharge your productivity with the Scheduler’s automated tools. Quickly visualize results with automatic zone of influence calculation, new plots, and extended flow arrow capabilities.

  • Automate report generation, database cleanup & solving
  • View flow direction arrows on more objects
  • Automatically calculate zone of influence after solving, & view cabinet zone of influence plots

Productivity Improvements - Image