What's New in Release 12

Release 12 of 6SigmaDCX focuses on management and collaboration, creating a data center design and operations platform where you can predict the impact of change.

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One Centralized Management Platform

Manage your IT infrastructure via one integrated platform, and ensure your teams see the relevant data they need. Add models to the 6SigmaModelStore for shared access, and update them with DCIM data imported via 6SigmaGateway.

6SigmaRoom connects to 6SigmaAccess via the ModelStore Database

New 6SigmaGateway DCIM integrations, including Trellis

One Central Management Platform - Image

Explore in VR - Image


Explore in Virtual Reality

See your 6SigmaRoom models in a new, immersive virtual reality experience. Showcase solutions to your clients by putting them inside your models, or help your team explore new facilities in VR.

6SigmaRoom integrated with Oculus Rift VR headset

View models in virtual reality

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Build Scalable Automation

Test any control logic scheme, and see the consequences of changing inputs instantly. Combine your simulation with AI so your control systems can learn the best responses from the results.

Connect controllers to your own DLL scripts

Make changes to inputs during simulations

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Cross-Platform Collaboration - Image



Cross-Platform Collaboration

Allow your 6SigmaAccess users to make changes on the move. Cross-platform compatibility in 6SigmaAccess lets your team collaborate seamlessly to test and implement changes.

Run 6SigmaAccess models on mobile, tablet or desktop

Access models anywhere with an internet connection



User-Suggested Improvements

Our agile development process lets us respond to user requests in a short timeframe. Release 12’s user-requested additions include new chiller and RPP objects, transparent materials for solar loading, liquid cooling for IT, and much more.

Over 200 user requests implemented in Release 12

User-Suggested Improvements - Image