Integrate & Extend
with 6SigmaRoom Modules

6SigmaRoom's core functionality can be extended with a series of add-ons. These modules allow integration with existing DCIM software, and simulation of the data center's power network and weight distribution. Our modules give you the flexibility to add functionality as needed, keeping you in control of cost.

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Connect to Live Data

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Analyze Your Power Network

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Balance Physical Load

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6SigmaGateway: Connect to Live Data

Your monitoring and asset management systems create large volumes of data about your facility. We created 6SigmaGateway
to help you utilize this data in your digital twin models.

6SigmaGateway bridges the gap between the 6Sigma Digital Twin and data center management tools, enabling a seamless, two-way exchange of data between 6SigmaDCX and your DCIM software.

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DCIM Integrations

We’re integrated with a wide range of leading DCIM providers, so you can get started immediately with our quick and simple set-up process. 6SigmaGateway can also add generic data sources, giving you the flexibility to connect to custom in-house tools.

Contact us to find out if we’re partnered with your DCIM provider – if not, our development team are always open to working with new systems.


Gateway Features

transient Track Changes Over Time

Track data for easy simulation of current, peak or average conditions. Visualize minimum, maximum or average IT equipment loads over a specified period in your simulations.

import key asset Import Key Asset Data

Aggregate asset, power and temperature information
from a range of tools to sync with 6SigmaRoom quickly
and accurately.

Live Database Monitoring Live Database Monitoring

Constant monitoring of data ensures that the Virtual Facility can be updated with the latest changes and plans at the click of a button.

two way communication Two-Way Communication

Improve your planning decisions: push calculated cabinet cooling capacity data from 6SigmaRoom to other tools. 

DCIM integration DCIM Integration

Speed up model creation: leverage your existing floor plans via native API integrations with leading DCIM providers.



6SigmaPower: Analyze Your Power Network

6SigmaPower brings engineering simulation to your data center power delivery network, helping you provide uninterrupted power to every piece of equipment in your facility and support your future IT needs.

6SigmaPower adds new functionality – such as the ability to visualize your entire power network from utility to IT, see breaker loadings for future deployments, and test failure scenarios – to help keep your data center’s power running.

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Power Features

Power Connectivity Power Connectivity

Add connections across your entire power network: from utility power and generators down to individual IT equipment.

power network Power Network Simulation

Model proposed power network deployments before implementation.

What If Analysis   What-If Analysis

Run what-if failure scenarios at any point in the power network, and perform static failure analysis of power system components.

Phase Balancing   Phase Balancing

Calculate breaker loadings for future deployment, and see new breaker loadings and phase balances after proposed deployments take place.

features icons failure analysis Single-Point & Cascade Failure

Get reports of current shared load and the transferred load if paired breakers fail.

Resilience Testing Resilience Testing

Test the resilience of your facility’s power network by visualizing exactly where failures will occur, and the effects of those failures on the rest of your facility.

Single Line Diagram   Single-Line Diagram

Visualize your entire power network as a simple single-line diagram.

Web Icons connected Automatic Connectivity

See your network grow automatically as you add new devices.

automated reporting Automatic Reporting

Generate panel and visual reports that include phase balancing, power connectivity and single-line diagrams.



6SigmaWeight: Balance Physical Load

6SigmaWeight leverages the detail and equipment inventory in the 6Sigma Digital Twin, along with 6SigmaRoom’s extensive libraries of data center equipment, to calculate the static load on each floor tile.

With this additional functionality, 6SigmaWeight lets you set weight limits for each rack, then visualize the capacity available for deployments via easy-to-read graphical plots. This data can even be used to check deployments in 6SigmaAccess.  

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Weight Features

Design thresholds Design Thresholds

Set comfortable and maximum safety percentage loads for your raised floor.

Tile Design Loads Tile Design Loads

Configure a design load for each raised floor tile in your Virtual Facility.

predefined weight Predefined Weight Values

Utilize libraries with predefined weight values for cabinets and servers, or configure custom values.

automated reporting Automatic Reporting

Generate reports for weight-specific data, such as available weight on raised floor, current weight on raised floor, total weight per cabinet and available weight per cabinet.