Data Center CFD 
with 6SigmaRoom

6SigmaRoom is the industry's leading data center CFD tool, built for both data center design and operations. Its 3D representation of the physical data center - combined with our cutting-edge CFD (computational fluid dynamics) solver - lets you safely simulate the impact of change on a data center's resilience, physical capacity and cooling efficiency.


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How Does 6SigmaRoom
Outperform the Competition?

Our CFD solver is the fastest and most accurate in the industry. It is one of the many reasons why 6SigmaRoom is trusted to deliver accurate results for data centers of any size.

Over the years, we have fine-tuned the solver so it runs optimally on any compute hardware - from your laptop to Rescale's cluster. 

 Our Solver

Cutting Edge Data Center Design

From traditional raised-floor spaces to the latest
EDGE facilities, 6SigmaRoom's CFD engine can
help you design best-in-class data centers.

Model Custom Equipment

Build & model any custom IT or rack configuration
with accurate power and cooling attributes, and
model its impact on your design or operations.

Visualize Airflow

Go beyond the data center: model the impact
of prevailing winds on external infrastructure such
as chillers, cooling towers and generators. 

Get the Whole Picture

Analyze the effectiveness of your free
cooling design using both direct and indirect
air-to-air cooling units.



Our product team is driven to create the most powerful toolset on the market.
Below are just some of the features that make our software an unequivocal leader.

comprehensive library Model Any Data Center

Whether you’re experimenting with state-of-the art hardware or proposing a complex control strategy, DCX’s flexibility allows you to model any data center configuration.

external modeling External Modeling

DCX allows you to analyze the impact of external environmental factors, including wind profiles, terrain roughness, humidity, solar gain, and even exhaust emission contamination from generators.

fresh air Use More Fresh Air

Be more efficient: test the latest indirect and direct free cooling systems, including sprays and wet media.

controls Controls

Model any modern control system, including VFDs, primary/secondary configurations, and group or staged controls using temperature, pressure, humidity or velocity sensors. Visualize the control logic with the control view canvas.

transient Transient Simulation

From utilizing IT load variations to failing parts of your power and cooling infrastructure, transient simulations offer clear insight into how your DC performance fluctuates over time.

DCIM integration Extensive DCIM Integrations

By syncing with over 15 DCIM tools, the Virtual Facility automatically stays up-to-date with your current inventory and future deployment plans.

metrics Data Center Metrics

Visualize your facility's performance with The Green Grid’s integrated Performance Indicator, and view industry plots including ASHRAE, PUE and SLA compliance.

solve anywhere Solve Anywhere

Our fast and automated parallel solver can scale to make the most of your processing power. Or you can expand into the cloud with secure, scalable and unlimited on-demand compute power.

power network Power Network

Connect the entire power network to show single line diagrams, RPP and PDU panel schedules, breaker overloads and phase balance.

import cad Import 2D and 3D CAD Geometries

Import your existing CAD drawings or geometries to streamline your simulation projects.

failure analysis Failure Analysis

Ensure you're maintaining your facility's resilience: test the impact of switching off fans, pumps, chillers, or any part of your power network.

VR VR – Oculus Rift Ready

6SigmaRoom connects directly to the Oculus Rift for a fully-immersive simulation experience.

comprehensive library Comprehensive Library 

With over 4000 objects, DCX has the most comprehensive data-center-specific library of any CFD suite.

non-dc scenarios Non-DC Scenarios

Investigate human comfort and contamination concentrations across clean rooms and office spaces.

automated reporting Reporting

Export world-class images and movies in gif, wmv and other formats. Create a customized, automated report to demonstrate your latest design at the click of a button.

What If Analysis   What-If Analysis

Run what-if failure scenarios on any element of your design to test layouts and study the implications of different power, loading and cooling scenarios.