Simplified CFD
with 6SigmaRoomLite

6SigmaRoomLite is our entry-level data center CFD software, and the perfect tool for early data center design. Its comprehensive drag-and-drop vendor libraries and powerful, automated solver engine make building and solving your data center models quick and easy. Through design and troubleshooting, 6SigmaRoomLite makes airflow delivery issues and temperature hotspots a thing of the past. 

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Unparalleled Speed - Plan for the
Future with Confidence

Conceptual design means trying different options and choosing the best configuration as quickly as possible. We've helped to make modeling less complex by introducing black box cabinets.

These are simplified cabinet models with equivalent heat load that you can use to quickly model a facility, enabling you to cut down the solve time while maintaining accuracy.

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More Features

After 10+ years of development, we have created the most powerful toolset on the market.
Below are just some of the features that make our product so effective.

hollow ducting Hollow Ducting

You can now model hollow cooling ducts in 6SigmaRoomLite, allowing you to capture the detail inside ducts for more accurate results.

DCIM integration Integrations

Share existing data to increase your modeling and reporting productivity. Integrations with AutoCAD, Excel and PowerPoint make bringing data in and out of 6SigmaRoomLite quick and easy.

model any dc Model Any Data Center

Whether you’re experimenting with state-of-the art hardware or proposing a new control strategy, DCX’s flexibility allows you to model any data center configuration.

fresh air Use More Fresh Air

Get more efficient: test the latest indirect and direct free cooling systems, including sprays and wet media.

metrics Data Center Metrics

Visualize your facility's performance with The Green Grid’s integrated Performance Indicator, and view industry plots including ASHRAE, PUE and SLA compliance.

solve anywhere Solve Anywhere

Our fast and automated parallel solver can scale to make the most of your processing power. Or you can expand into the cloud with secure, scalable and unlimited on-demand compute power.

import cad Import 2D CAD Geometries

Import your existing CAD drawings or geometries to streamline your simulation projects.

automated reporting Reporting

Export world-class images and movies in gif, wmv and other formats. Create a customized, automated report to demonstrate your latest design at the click of a button.