Data Center Management
with 6SigmaAccess

At Future Facilities, our goal is to solve the tough data center management issues that stem from ever-changing IT in a fixed infrastructure. In our experience, most data center operators are forced to make IT changes without the chance to optimally test their plans. 6SigmaAccess allows you to plan your IT deployments and verify them in our simulation engine, empowering you to keep up with fast-moving data center operations by staying a step ahead. 


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6SigmaAccess utilizes the benefits of simulation to give a glimpse of the future to non-engineering teams. As a web-based, multi-user tool, 6SigmaAccess helps to remove silos by encouraging collaboration via a centralized asset, capacity and change management system. 

multiple users 

Designed for
Multiple Users

Allow multiple users to work on the same model simultaneously, while updating models in real-time to minimize conflicts.

intelligent deployment 


Deploy your IT based on power, space and cooling, and keep track of resource availability so you can make better IT decisions.

web based 


Load up a 3D model of the data center to visualize your assets with our secure, web-based IT planning and placement tool.




6SigmaAccess Features

dashboards Asset Management

Upgrade from spreadsheets and visio templates to a comprehensive 3D model to manage your IT asset information. 

comprehensive library Comprehensive Library

Access over 4,000 vendor library items, including IT and racks, with relevant power and cooling attributes.

reporting Space, Power & Cooling Plots

Easily plot 3D space, cooling and power views at the cabinet level to understand your current resource allocation. 

dashboard Dashboards

Leverage pre-configured IT, power, space and cooling dashboards to understand the state of your data center. 

drag and drop Drag & Drop

Our simple drag and drop feature lets you model equipment moves, adds and changes with speed and accuracy.

web Web Optimized

Model any size data center in-browser, over the network, with our optimized data loading times.