The 6Sigma Digital Twin for Power Engineers

Manage service level agreements (SLAs) in less time across less applications with the 6Sigma Digital Twin. Our simulation software-based approach to managing the power delivery system makes creating connections simple and visual. 






Simple Visuals

Visualize your entire power network as a single-line diagram and use interactive logical views to make connections easily.

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Automatic Connectivity

Add connections across your entire power network and see your network grow automatically as you add new devices.


Unbeatable Precision

Accurate simulation software with error-proofing features enables faster, more confident decisions.

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Case Study

Our client conducted a largescale IT consolidation project for 1MW Enterprise Data Center, resulting in loading the data center to its maximum capacity while reducing operating costs. Find out how the 6Sigma Digital Twin made this project possible.




Products for Power Engineers

We have developed a range of products to solve our customer’s major pain points. Learn more about how our specific products can support your work below.

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Data Center Design

Future-proof your data center designs by modeling, testing and verifying them—all before a single brick is laid.




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Data Center Power Module

6SigmaPower makes managing your data center power delivery system simple, visual and automatic. 




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Connecting the Industry

Learn how the 6Sigma Digital Twin is the only platform that connects the entire data center industry. Our software toolsets work together to solve breaks in the supply chain by enabling collaboration across industry sectors.





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