The 6Sigma Digital Twin for Infrastructure Manufacturers

From grilles to complex air-cooling units, the 6Sigma Digital Twin is designed to give the hardware vendor a competitive edge. Whether you’re developing new designs on a deadline or demonstrating to a prospect the benefits of your hardware, the 6Sigma Digital Twin offers the science, simplicity, ease of use and accuracy you need to make it happen.






Communicate with Customers 

Demonstrate the benefits of your hardware by visualizing how your design will perform in your client’s environment or configuration.

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Create New Business Opportunities

Foster relationships with customers by providing a 6Sigma Digital Twin engineering service to help clients maximize the true value of their infrastructure investments.



Intelligent, Connected and Automated Modeling

Easy data exchange, intelligent components, automatic grid generation and built-in error proofing help you produce the right results.



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Case Study

Upsite Technologies used the 6Sigma Digital Twin to design and market the AisleLok® Modular Containment system, from concept to production in less than a year.




Products for Infrastructure Manufacturers

We have developed a range of products to solve our customer’s major pain points. Learn more about how our specific products can support your work below.

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Data Center Design

Future-proof your data center designs by modeling, testing and verifying them — all before a single brick is laid.




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Electronics Thermal Simulation

Overcome your thermal design challenges with unparalleled intelligence, automation and accuracy. 




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Connecting the Industry

Learn how the 6Sigma Digital Twin is the only platform that connects the entire data center industry. Our software toolsets work together to solve breaks in the supply chain by enabling collaboration across industry sectors.






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