Project-Based Licensing 
on Your Timescale

Now you can have the power of 6SigmaDCX exactly when you need it. Our short, project-based licenses bring you the best-in-class CFD software for data centers. 




CFD On Your Terms

  • Just getting started with CFD for data centers?
  • Need simulation for a short project?
  • Want the best without the upfront annual price tag?

6SigmaRoomLite is now available with monthly on-demand licenses, giving you the power of our world-class simulation package on your terms.

CFD On Your Terms - Image

Is Project-Based Licensing for me? - Image

Is Project-Based Licensing for me?

How do you know what kind of licensing is best for your business? If any of these fit your company, project-based licensing might be right for you.

  • Work on 1-3 projects per year
  • Prefer on-demand subscription
  • Need low start-up costs
  • Require flexible renewal options

Rescale Integration

In addition to the project licenses, we also provide the option of cloud-based solving for your models on Rescale. Rescale is a cloud solving platform that allows you to solve all models built in 6SigmaDCX suite without the need for on-site, physical hardware.

Rescale's on-demand solving power allows you to scale your projects organically without hardware limitations. Scale-up. Solve. Deliver on your time scale!

Rescale Integration - Image