The 6Sigma Digital Twin for Facility Operations

Facilities Teams use the 6Sigma Digital Twin to predict the impact of proposed changes on power distribution, space utilization, weight limits and cooling paths to meet service level agreements (SLAs) quickly. The 6Sigma Digital Twin can predict airflow and cooling to maintain a healthy margin of redundancy while prioritizing power and energy efficiency.





Automate Communication Across Teams

Connect with other teams, such as IT Operations, to better analyze the impact of proposed changes to power, space and cooling.



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Effectively Manage Cooling

Visualize airflow and cooling with the fastest, most powerful CFD solver. Test raising temperature in a safe, virtual environment to implement the optimal cooling control system.



Safeguard Power Management

Analyze "what-if" scenarios ranging from high-density deployments to equipment failures and ensure that Facilities will maintain adequate power.



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Case Study

CBRE used the 6Sigma Digital Twin to safely evaluate a wide range of proposed changes to a financial institution's Tier IV data center, saving them $10+ million through efficiency and capacity gains in the process. Learn how the 6Sigma Digital Twin enabled this process.




Products for Facility Operators

We have developed a range of products to solve our customer’s major pain points. Learn more about how our specific products can support your work below.

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Data Center Design

Future-proof your data center designs by modeling, testing and verifying them — all before a single brick is laid.




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Data Center Operations

Adapt to business demands by testing deployments in a safe environment prior to implementation.




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Connecting the Industry

Learn how the 6Sigma Digital Twin is the only platform that connects the entire data center industry. Our software toolsets work together to solve breaks in the supply chain by enabling collaboration across industry sectors.




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