Reimagine Enterprise Data Center Design and Operations with the 6Sigma Digital Twin

Future Facilities' data center solution, the 6Sigma Digital Twin, enables forward-thinking enterprises to maximize capacity utilization and minimize the risk of any changes to the data center environment.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software delivers the performance visibility you need to recover stranded capacity, optimize cooling management, and safeguard your data center.

Discover expert thermal analysis, innovative airflow visualization, cross-team collaboration, and immersive capacity planning when you virtualize your data center with the 6Sigma Digital Twin. 





Why Choose the 6Sigma Digital Twin?

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Visualize Performance

Visualize airflow, cooling and power with science-backed CFD.

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Consolidate Data

Organize big data and gain actionable insights.

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Collaborate Across Teams

Ensure cross-team collaboration by working within one toolset.

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Manage Assets

Understand true capacity with a holistic view of performance.

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Future-Proof Infrastructure

  Run what-if analysis and stress test IT in a risk-free virtual model.

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Automate CFD Analysis

Integrate with existing toolsets to seamlessly update your model.

Performance and Business Benefits for Enterprise Data Centers 

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Powerful Software to Streamline Your Enterprise Organization


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Large global companies in automotive, healthcare, finance, and aerospace are using the 6Sigma Digital Twin to effectively design and operate their data centers. The 6Sigma Digital Twin helps enterprises manage the challenge of balancing risk, capacity, and efficiency with accuracy and speed. To ensure smooth and easy operations, the 6Sigma Digital Twin can be seamlessly integrated with your physical data center to allow for automated edits, simulations, and reports. Keep your data center digital twin seamlessly updated by integrating it with DCIM and monitoring systems to always give an accurate view of your live data center.

Optimize Enterprise Data Centers

Learn how to overcome power, cooling, and space challenges without compromising resilience.


Upgrade to High-Density

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Learn how to implement high-density equipment and extend the life of legacy facilities.


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