Data Center Solutions: Reducing the Risk of Change

Change in the data center industry is not just “coming soon” anymore, it’s already here. From new applications to new cooling technologies, the data center industry is at a turning point. Download Data Center Solutions: Reducing the Risk of Change to learn how industry experts are implementing new data center technology, such as high-density equipment and liquid cooling, while simultaneously mitigating risk and improving data center performance. 

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Download the full eBook to find out:

  • • The top new tech currently impacting the data center industry

  • • Expert predictions on how new tech will impact the industry

  • • How to manage thermal complications and risk in the data center

  • • The best CFD solutions for the data center industry


Gain Industry Expert Insight

We brought together a panel of thermal and operational experts from Vertiv, Nvidia, Switch, Kaiser Permanente, and Binghamton University to discuss changes and challenges in the data center industry, as well as the tools they’re using to overcome them. Here's a preview of what the eBook has to offer:


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"What we're putting into our data center is changing. What we're seeing in the data center are these high-density machines, GPU driven technologies that are allowing us to make better, data-driven decisions."

Bill Kleyman

Executive VP, Digital Solutions at Switch

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"As we go through this revolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we'll see more cold plate, single phase or two phase, and immersion cooling in the next five to seven years."

Ali Heydari

Distinguished Engineer at Nvidia

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"There’s clearly a new burden on infrastructure to be able to support [new] applications. To deal with all this volume of data coming through, the right thermal loads must be in place to support this."

Nigel Gore

Global Offerings, High Density & Liquid Cooling at Vertiv

New Solutions In Action

Watch the event that inspired Data Center Solutions: Reducing the Risk of Change.



Future Proofing Data Centers

"With effective communication and the right tools in place, speed and quality can coexist in data center capacity planning. Physics-based simulation or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) offers data centers a path forward."

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Chaos Engineering

"...any major outage is a worthwhile opportunity to discuss the benefits of chaos engineering. Specifically, the principle of breaking things on purpose to build confidence in a system’s ability to perform. "