The 6Sigma Digital Twin for Data Center Management

The 6Sigma Digital Twin is a new, simulation-based approach to data center management. This approach prioritizes cost control, risk reduction and team alignment. Not only does this method simplify data center management, but it also changes the focus from the performance of separate silos to the performance of the data center when all silos are working together.





Minimize Risk

Safeguard your data center with empowering visibility. As a simulation of everything working together as a single system, the 6Sigma Digital Twin is the only approach that can manage and effectively reduce the risk of data center downtime.


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Cost Control

Know exactly how much capacity you have at your disposal without risking downtime, so you can stop overprovisioning expensive resources. 


Reduce Management Time & Effort

The 6Sigma Digital Twin connects all data center teams under one platform, making it easier to automate reporting needs for each business unit.



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Case Study

Citigroup integrated the 6Sigma Digital Twin in their management workflow and found potential savings of over $290,000 annually. Find out how they achieved this in the following case study.




Products for Data Center Management

We have developed a range of products to solve our customer’s major pain points. Learn more about how our specific products can support your work below.

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Data Center Design

Future-proof your data center designs by modeling, testing and verifying them — all before a single brick is laid.




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Data Center Operations

Adapt to business demands by testing deployments in a safe environment prior to implementation.




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Connecting the Industry

Learn how the 6Sigma Digital Twin is the only platform that connects the entire data center industry. Our software toolsets work together to solve breaks in the supply chain by enabling collaboration across industry sectors.





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