Connecting the Data Center Industry with the 6Sigma Digital Twin

The 6Sigma Digital Twin is the only platform that connects and organizes the data center ecosystem from chip to chiller. Our three primary software suites work together to solve breaks in the supply chain. 6SigmaET, our thermal simulation software for electronics, serves the electronics designer and vendor communities. 6SigmaRoom, our CFD data center software, is made to empower data center designers and operators. 


6SigmaAccess, our asset management and utilization tracking software, serves data center planners and managers. 
Our software has evolved over our 15+ years of experience to solve real problems that our customers face—namely the lack of collaboration across industry sectors. To learn more about how our product line can be used to connect the data center industry, request a demo here.

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The 6Sigma Digital Twin Video Series

Is the 6Sigma Digital Twin right for your organization? Do you want to make agile, data-driven decisions, avoid downtime and collaborate across teams effectively? This video series demonstrates how the 6Sigma Digital Twin makes all this and more possible.


Why the 6Sigma Digital Twin?

Get to know the 6Sigma Digital Twin in more detail. We outline the major problems the 6Sigma Digital Twin solves as well as what sets us apart here.


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Digital Twins and the New Space Race

15 April, 2020

The typical data center is currently spending 136% of the OpEx budget required to meet business demands. At a time when a remarkable 77% of organizations....

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Why Data Center Operators Need to Rethink the Rule of Thumb Practice

22 April, 2020

Many of us may feel we’re winning the battle against over-provisioning  of data center resources, but this exercise in caution is still frighteningly prolific in the....

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Designing High-Density Data Centers in 6SigmaRoom

18 July, 2019

In a recent report published by Research and Markets, the data center cooling industry is projected to rise from a value of $9.27B to $18.39B by 2024 at ....

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