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Future Facilities is a software company that believes the successful design and operation of systems, from chip to data center, lies in predicting the impact of change. Our unique methodology relies on virtual prototyping, and utilizing engineering simulation to assess performance. Our virtual prototypes speed up the decision-making process, allowing enterprises to deliver products that are efficient, reliable and scalable.

Our software creates a digital twin of your data center, or a virtual prototype that encompasses the entire IT and facility infrastructure. Powered by engineering simulation, the 6Sigma Digital Twin enables you to predict the impact of change by visualizing and quantifying performance in your data center.

In 2004, we created our pilot CFD software, 6SigmaRoom, to empower an emerging data center industry. Consultants use our software around the globe to design the next generation of facilities or to trouble-shoot existing sites, while operators use it to speed up capacity planning processes and improve overall efficiency and resilience.

In 2009, we extended our superior modeling technology to smaller-scale electronics with 6SigmaET. Designed specifically for the electronics industry, this software ushers in unparalleled intelligence, automation and accuracy to help you meet your requirements and to overcome thermal design challenges. 6SigmaET has become essential to thermal engineers across the globe, offering the fastest solve-times and highest accuracy available on the market.

In 2016, we began to tackle the challenges of asset management and operations strategy with 6SigmaAccess. This web-based tool allows IT professionals to speed up planning and deployment processes from weeks to days.

Our client base has grown to include not only design consultants, but also electronics manufacturers, investment banking enterprise companies, social media organizations, and others from the automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, and government sectors.


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6SigmaET is the latest generation in thermal simulation for electronics, allowing engineers to design and model with more efficiency than ever.



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Data Centers

6SigmaDCX is the only CFD tool that allows you to optimize the design, improvement and operational planning of data centers.






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At Future Facilities, we provide engineering simulation software and consultancy services to the world’s largest data center owner-operators and leading industry consultancies, while also developing new ideas on industry standards.


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Our software provides a safe, offline environment in which to create virtual prototypes, troubleshoot existing designs and run what-if scenarios, so you can quantify and qualify business decisions.


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Our support team is comprised of experienced engineers from the data center and electronics design industries. With offices all over the globe, we offer personal, tailored service wherever you are.


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We work with leading institutions and academia to define and improve industry standards. In 2016, we helped establish the Performance Indicator as the most complete metric for data center performance.





Our Partners

Our contribution extends to helping define and improve industry standards by participating in activities organized by leading institutions, professional bodies and academia, including:

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