The 6Sigma Digital Twin for Chief Financial Officers

The average data center uses only 56% of its allocated power and a mere 63% of its square-footage, according to 451 Research

The 6Sigma Digital Twin is a business intelligence tool that is powered by science. It provides the performance information CFOs need to quantify a data center project’s business value. Get the operational data analysis and visibility you need to make sound monetary decisions with the 6Sigma Digital Twin’s predictive technology.




Maximize Your Data Center's Business Value 

In data centers, the only constant is change. But, change comes at a cost. The 6Sigma Digital Twin helps to minimize the cost impact of change by linking technical operations to a data center’s business purpose: enabling full use of its capacity.


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Control Budget Cost  

Gain tight control over data capacity spending, the driving force behind a data center project's total cost.




Automate Communication Across Teams

Connect teams under one platform to improve communication and simplify process overview.



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Business Intelligence Software

Enable senior management and operational teams to make more informed decisions with the 6Sigma Digital Twin’s high-level reporting system.  


Case Study

Citigroup integrated the 6Sigma Digital Twin in their management workflow and found potential savings of over $290,000 annually. Find out how they achieved this in the following case study. 




Products for CFOs

We have developed a range of products to solve our customer’s major pain points. Learn more about how our specific products can support your work below.

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Data Center Operations

Adapt to business demands by testing deployments in
a safe environment prior to implementation.



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Connecting the Industry

Learn how the 6Sigma Digital Twin is the only platform that connects the entire data center industry. Our software toolsets work together to solve breaks in the supply chain by enabling collaboration across industry sectors.



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