What’s Causing Sleepless Nights for Data Center Professionals?

We explored several trends in digital transformation and how this transformation is impacting data center professionals in the first of our two-part eBook series, No Capacity for Change. With so much rapid change in the technology stack, it’s inevitable that IT and Facilities professionals are having to adapt their business’ infrastructure. 

In our second eBook, we examine reactions to these trends, and how these reactions are impacting data center budgets, investments, and environmental commitments. Read on to get a taster of the key findings or download the full report for free here.

What is Happening to Data Center Budgets?

Driven by demands for capacity, caused by accelerating digital transformation, the data center industry has seen a modest period of investment. 

We surveyed over 500 technical professionals on the state of their data center budget during the previous 12 months. 38% told us that their budget had remained static, whilst the majority of respondents (56%) told us their budget experienced an increase during that period. Just 7% reported a reduction.

The expectation is that budgets will grow more in the next 12 months, in comparison to the previous year (61% vs 56%). Only 5% of organizations report an expected reduction in budget. Of course, this financial commitment to the data center is encouraging—but we all know that the work required to enable meaningful digital transformation is significant.

So how will technical professionals know if they’re hitting the mark?

Measuring Data Center Success

Unsurprisingly, IT service delivery to the wider business was the most cited priority amongst our respondents, with 66% of respondents treating it as a top 3 metric, and the majority of responses (75%) coming from organizations of 10,000+ employees. 

Zero downtime was the next most important KPI, cited by almost half (47%) as a major priority. You can find out how these, and other concerns, are keeping your peers up at night in the eBook.

It’s no secret that data center downtime is expensive. Uptime Institute reported that outages costing over $1 million are increasing. Reducing cost is a universal factor for organizations and ensuring zero downtime will support that objective. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that organizations measure success by how long they can keep their data centers running without any downtime.

What Can You Do Differently?

The data center industry is full of demanding challenges—such as the focus on maximizing performance whilst simultaneously aiming to reduce energy usage. Under such pressure, it’s best to steer clear of managing your data center by rule of thumb. To successfully overcome the various challenges currently at play, data center teams need to be precise, even to the point of predicting opportunities and risk ahead of time. 

In fact, a more predictive approach is essential to avoid firefighting data center disruptions. A digital twin software, such as the 6Sigma Digital Twin, can create a virtual model of your data center to enable organizations to fine-tune data center efficiency, meet IT deployment targets, fulfill ESG commitments, and more. 

Download our free eBook series now to explore the latest industry insights.

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