Webinar: Data Center Simulation

BISNOW and Future Facilities recently hosted Data Center Simulations & Predictive Technology to discuss the role that new technologies and solutions are playing in driving data center efficiency and performance. Future Facilities and BISNOW were joined by experts in the industry from Kaiser Permanente, Nvidia, Vertiv, Switch and Binghamton University. 

Future Facilities' Managing Director Sherman Ikemoto introduced the main topic of discussion, simulation, as “a process for understanding how a physical system works. Simulations are used to prevent disasters…and they are also used as a safe, cost-effective way to minimize the energy and resource cost of a data center without putting IT resilience at risk.” This webinar went on to capture the ways in which data center simulations are enabling operations in the development process and beyond. 

Driving Market Forces 

Data center operations are turning to simulation to address new applications in the market. These applications, including Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, put a serious burden on digital infrastructure to perform because of the sheer amount of data they bring in. Data center operators are adopting CFD simulation to ensure they have the right thermal loads to provide support for these high-powered systems. 

To provide such support, many are turning to some form of liquid cooling, whether that’s liquid to liquid, liquid to air and/ or liquid to refrigerant. As noted in the webinar by multiple participants, simulation makes it easier to test and optimize new, complex systems much like these. While simulation is typically thought of as a design tool, this webinar discussion presents a more expansive view into the power of modeling using CFD simulation. 

Clae Anderson from Kaiser Permanente described it as such: “For legacy operators with fixed utilities, using modeling software is imperative to continue to satisfy the demands of the business with these new high-density platforms coming in.” Data center operators can use simulation to optimize planning and balance utilization, both in terms of space and resources. In this way, simulation is both a design and operations tool. 

Simulation Software for Data Center Design and Operations

It is well known that modeling software enables designers to optimize the components and infrastructure that go into the data center. This webinar highlights this notion, while also demonstrating how simulation software is ideal for operations to manage their data center in its entirety. Check out the full webinar here to hear views from our expert panel.


Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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