Virtual Reality: the Next Data Center Revolution?

Could virtual reality provide the answer to avoiding performance problems in data centers and support the next revolution, at the Edge?

Louise Frampton recently visited the UK headquarters of Future Facilities and ‘strapped’ into the 3D world of data centre simulation to explore the potential of the technology.

"The latest proof-of-concept platform allows users to explore data centre design in a safe offline environment, enable trouble-shooting of existing sites, as well as run ‘what-if scenarios’ to support changes in infrastructure. The first time you use the virtual reality program, you are struck by the immersiveness of the experience – it feels very different from seeing an image on screen; you can ‘walk’ through aisles of three-dimensional racks, choose which direction you want to go in, while viewing the assets and crucial information such as air flows – it certainly feels like the dawn of a new era."

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1 August, 2017

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