The Home-Away-From-Home Data Center

French colocation data center provider, Thésée DataCenter, has created an interactive, innovative Data Center Management System (DCMS) powered by CFD simulation, the first of its kind. This groundbreaking project sits on the outskirts of Paris but offers a “home-away-from-home” experience for its clients.  

With six data center buildings, each housing two identical data halls of 534m^2 commissioned in three phases of 1MW, 2MW and 3MW IT capacity build-out, Thésée DataCenter’s campus will prioritize high performance requirements with minimal environmental impact and maximum energy efficiency. Thésée DataCenter achieved Tier IV certification from Uptime Institute, the first French colocation provider to offer this level of high availability. They’re off to a great start in meeting the high expectations they have set for themselves.  

Thésée DataCenter contracted Hewlett Packard Enterprise to lead their data center campus design, construction, and commissioning. In turn, New Generation’s NUVEA Paas web service portal was selected to create the foundation of the DCMS. Significantly, this web service portal is fed with information from Future Facilities’ 6Sigma Digital Twin and the Building Management System (BMS). 

While Thésée DataCenter’s campus is the first of its kind in France, their DCMS is the first of its kind worldwide. Customers or end-users will be able to interact with their campus space as if it was their own IT room. Having this level of control and visibility into your colocation space is unheard of for many service providers.  

This post scratches the service of what Thésée DataCenter can do with the 6Sigma Digital Twin deployed. Check out this video to learn more about how CFD simulation enriches their knowledge base.


Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager


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