6SigmaDCX Release 16 Streamlines Model Design for Data Center Consultants

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The 16th release of our 6SigmaDCX product suite brings with it extensive improvements dedicated to our data center consultant users. The 6SigmaDCX suite of simulation tools creates a 6Sigma Digital Twin of your data center that can be used to study the impact of different design decisions and, significantly, display design benefits to customers.

We know how important it is for our consultants to meet their project timelines. 6SigmaDCX Release 16 accelerates the model build and design process so it’s that much easier to complete projects.

“We’ve made sure that Release 16’s modeling interface is seamless, and the importing process is as intelligent as ever,” describes Mark Fenton, Product Manager at Future Facilities. “We work closely with engineering firms to create relevant features users want and will regularly use to make their jobs easier. Release 16 has new views and objects that provide innovative ways to visualize model designs.”

Several Release 16 features have been tailored to meet data center consultants’ needs more easily:

  • Import with Ease: Import BIM models directly into Release 16 to accelerate the model build process
  • Even More Intelligent Objects: Modernize thermal analysis with Release 16’s new object modeling options, such as the air-to-air cooling configurations for the heat exchanger object
  • Upgraded Thermal Flow Analysis: Improvements to the 1D Flow Network in Release 16 ensure fast, detailed thermal flow analysis of chilled water and liquid cooled systems
  • Enhanced Reporting: Generate automated, customizable reports in Enhanced View to create stunning visual content for clients.

6SigmaDCX Release 16 prioritizes a seamless modeling interface and accurate, visually stunning simulation results. Learn more about Release 16 here.


 Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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24 January, 2022

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