Release 14: Introducing Visualizing Live Data in 6SigmaAccess

Why Did We Include This Feature? 

As 6SigmaAccess becomes the tool of choice for HW planners from a planning perspective, it is increasingly important that our data center planning software displays the necessary data required to track data center performance. We have found that visualizing live data is the first step in creating a single, consolidated view of all data. 

What is Visualizing Live Data in 6SigmaAccess? 

In the latest version of 6SigmaAccess, we have included the ability to show live data such as power and temperature at both the rack and server level. The Monitor Data feature provides the user with a simple visual display of power and temperature trends over time. It allows the user to understand the current performance of the rack or IT during a deployment scenario.

It is not, however, a monitoring tool – there is no hardware solution and we pull data from existing monitoring systems. It doesn’t send out alarms or track issues necessary for trouble shooting. It doesn’t interpolate between the current state and future state of the power and temperature associated with the object. 

How to Visualize Live Data in 6SigmaAccess 

You’ll first need to have a valid license of 6SigmaGateway and have integrated it to a monitoring system. In this example, I have a spreadsheet connected to 6SigmaGateway. 6SigmaGateway looks at this spreadsheet at prescribed intervals and updates the data automatically. 

Figure 1. View live data through 6SigmaGateway

After the initial setup, you’ll need to enable the ability to save that data to the model store. This can be done by entering your username and password. You will need proper credentials (i.e. admin level) to complete this step.

Figure 2. Save data to the model store through 6Sigma Control Center

Figure 3. Use admin credentials to complete this process

From here, open the model through 6SigmaAccess, select the object you wish to analyze and you’ll see a new section added to the Property Sheet called Monitor Data. To view the data plotted on the object, select the icon shaped like an eye.

Enhanced Data View in 6SigmaAccess 

Visualizing live data helps users to plan and view data more clearly than previous releases. This feature presents data center mangers and facilities teams with an instantaneous picture of the data center. You can see other related R14 improvements here.

Blog written by: Akhil Docca, Director of Marketing

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8 January, 2020

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