Release 14: Introducing Moving, Rotating and Aligning Cabinets in 6SigmaAccess

26 February, 2020

Why Did We Include this Feature in R14? 

In the previous release of 6SigmaAccess, users could only drop cabinets on a particular tile, and the cabinets would automatically align to that tile. In some cases, cabinets that didn’t match the dimensions of the tile would need manual adjusting through location properties. In the latest release, we have overhauled this feature so the user can now move, rotate and align cabinets using graphical handles. 

How to Move, Rotate and Align Cabinets in 6SigmaAccess 

When you select a cabinet, “Move” (blue) and “Rotate” (red) handles are automatically shown in the GUI. The user can now move the cabinet forwards, backwards or sideways. Additionally, you can rotate the cabinet in increments of 90 degrees. 

Figure 1. Use the blue and red handles to move and rotate cabinets forwards, backwards or sideways

Users can move multiple cabinets at the same time. Simply hold the control key and left mouse button to select the cabinets you wish to move collectively. 

Figure 2. Hold the control key and left mouse button to select multiple cabinets

To align cabinets, snap a rack to the edge of another rack with the blue handles. You can snap racks to a pre-defined floor grid dimension, which can be set under user settings. 

Simplify Process with 6SigmaAccess

This feature speeds up the deployment process while reducing collision errors. R14 is designed to help users keep up with the fast pace of data center operations and this feature is no exception. Check out what else is new in Release 14 here

Blog written by: Aitor Zabalegui, Lead Consultant Engineer, East Coast

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