Release 14: Introducing Email Notifications in 6SigmaAccess

Why Did We Include This Feature in R14? 

Communication removes operational bottlenecks. We believe that tracking changes enhances communication and thus should be a fundamental part of the software. To make tracking changes more apparent, we have incorporated Email Notifications.

How to Set Up Email Notifications in 6SigmaAccess 

Step 1: Open 6SigmaModelStore (note: you will need admin privileges to do this). Click on Email Server Configuration (see below).

Step 2: You’ll need to fill in the following details, which can be obtained from your IT admin. Select the Test button once you are happy with the setup. 

Step 3: If the data is correct, you’ll see the following green message confirming the changes. To receive email notifications made on a specific model, you’ll need to be part of that model group or assign the necessary individuals to be part of that group.

Step 4: Sending notifications is simple. Once you make your changes to the model and arrive on the Summary page, simply check the box that reads Send Email Notifications.

You will receive an email with the summary of changes in list format (see below). 

Stay Up-To-Date on Changes

Keep track of what changes are made to your models and by who with email notifications in 6SigmaAccess. See our Release 14 page for more details on what’s new!

Blog written by: Akhil Docca, Director of Marketing

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30 January, 2020

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