Release 14: Introducing Dashboards Feature in 6SigmaAccess

Why Did We Include this Feature in R14? 

Critical data center decisions need to be made on data. To make the data more visual, accessible and configurable in 6SigmaAccess, Release 14 has the added functionality to create dashboards. 6SigmaAccess Dashboards can display space, power and cooling metrics for a single data center or for a group of data centers all in one place. 

We believe such an addition will enhance communication, increase transparency and foster collaboration up and down the management chain. 

How to Create Dashboards in 6SigmaAccess 

Step 1. Click on the Report icon (see below).

Step 2. Select Create Dashboard.

Step 3. Create (for example) a space capacity dashboard for all data centers.

Step 4. Select Add Chart to the dashboard.

Step 5. Incorporate the elements you wish to see on your dashboard (e.g. plots of space, power, cooling, etc.). For example, select a timeline chart that illustrates how the total U-Space is being used over time. The following example will collect data from all the models (note: users also have the option to pick specific data centers for specific dashboards).

Step 6. The final result: a dashboard that illustrates how the space is being utilized across all data centers over time.

Additional Dashboard Features

The user can create a number of charts under one dashboard and display that on the same page (see below).

The user can also create multiple dashboards. For example, you can create a dashboard for each of your data centers that tracks the metrics you care about, such as power, space and cooling. Or you could have a dashboard that consolidates just the cooling metrics across your data centers and another dashboard that consolidates only space usage metrics. You can combine your data centers into groups, for example, by region, country or the entire enterprise. We have made this feature as flexible as possible. 

There are many variables that you can plot and view as part of dashboards. The dashboards are customizable to suit your needs. For example, you can set up your dashboards to have a detailed view of all possible metrics, while your manager might prefer a few significant, high-level metrics instead. Some additional metrics include: 

•Available Capacity
•Capacity in Use
•Assets – Number it IT, Cabinets, UPS, PDU, ACUs, Floor Grilles
•Thermal – ASHRAE Metrics on IT
•Weight – Equipment Weight and Tile Loading
•Efficiency – PUE

It is possible to print out dashboards in Release 14. Select Printer Friendly and the software will convert the charts to a printer friendly version that can be saved to PDF as well. 

R14 Dashboards: Data Analysis Made Easier

Dashboards make it easier to see the data you care about at a glance. Moreover, 6SigmaAccess Dashboards are designed to make it easier to present the data you know to be true about your data center to others. Check out what else Release 14 has to offer here.

Blog written by: Akhil Docca, Director of Marketing

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