Release 14: Introducing Custom Statuses in 6SigmaAccess

Why Did We Include this Feature in R14? 

In data center operations, teams use various statuses to track the overall movement of inventory over time. To do this effectively and efficiently, we’ve added a new feature where users can now assign “custom status” to a cabinet or an IT equipment. Previously, we had three distinct statuses: 

•    Planned Installed
•    Installed
•    Planned Decommission

In R14, we’ve added the framework to allow teams to add new labels and mimic the behavior of one of the statuses listed above. For example, in planning, some teams create the custom status “Consult.” This status indicates to viewers that the cabinet or IT may be set to planned, but the team may be stuck in the process of securing final approval.  

How to Create a Custom Status in 6SigmaAccess

These statuses can be set globally in the model store under Options Management (note: you’ll need to be an admin to do this). 

Figure 1. First select Options Management on the main screen to start this process

From here you can create a new status, name it “Consult” for example, and set the appropriate color.

Figure 2. Create a new status under Options Management

Once set, this option will be available to you when you load a model in 6SigmaAccess.

Figure 3. The “Consult” Status will now be available throughout 6SigmaAccess

You can also visually view the different statuses using the Standard View and Installation Status option. 

Figure 4. View different statuses under Installation Status in Standard View

Improve Communication and Process with the Custom Status Feature

In Release 14, you can now create a custom status for cabinets and IT to indicate more than just planned, installed and decommissioned. Incorporating custom statuses into your model makes it easier to tell what has been done and what needs to be done at a glance. 

Learn more about new features in Release 14 of 6SigmaAccess here.

Blog written by: Akhil Docca, Director of Marketing

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