Release 13: Control Center Scheduler

The 6Sigma Control Center Scheduler feature, new for Release 13, can help data center operations, engineering and IT teams.

This tool can schedule tasks to automatically occur on a given date or at regular intervals, for instance, at the beginning of each month. This can expedite the day-to-day operations of your data center. For example, you can:

  • Run simulations and generate reports on current or future DC status
  • Merge changes made in 6SigmaAccess back into 6SigmaRoom automatically
  • Generate custom inventory lists for different teams
  • Manage models and results on the Model Store database
  • Sync item libraries to utilize new IT in 6SigmaAccess   

The 6Sigma Control Center Scheduler allows DC operators to gather data and generate reports on current and future data center performance, making it possible to foresee and manage potential issues that may arise from upcoming IT deployments. 

Simulate and Report

The Scheduler is found in the 6Sigma Control Center. Here you can create, schedule and manage tasks. For example, run a simulation of your data center and generate a report showing cooling and power utilization each month.

Once the Model Store and 6SigmaAccess are set up, you can select a model from the Model Store and schedule a Solve. Then you can choose Solve options, such as the date and time to perform the Solve, and how compute resource should be allocated.


Figure 1. The solve model options allow you to schedule solves and allocate resources

The same process can be used to generate the results of the simulation, as well as other important operational information, e.g. metrics concerning the power network.


Figure 2. Generate the reports your team need, from flow only reports to full flow, power, weight, cooling and capacity

Export Inventory Lists

The Scheduler also allows you to automatically export IT inventories quickly and flexible. For example, an IT team may require basic asset ownership and identification information once per week, whereas a different team may require installation and power consumption information once per month. In the Scheduler, templates that require such information can be created and generated according to a customizable schedule, making collecting and distributing this vital information efficient and secure.

Figure 3. Create custom templates to distribute only relevant inventory data to your team

Manage Database

Using the Scheduler, you can automatically delete old results and models from your Model Store, ensuring efficient use of your storage resources. 

The Scheduler tool can provide benefits to a wide number of teams within any DC business by generating useful information concerning DC performance, proactively identifying bottlenecks and automating tasks to improve operational efficiency. 

If you would like more information on how to set up and use the 6Sigma Control Center Scheduler, go to File > Help from the Control Center window or contact 

Blog written by: Fabian Gomperts Willis, Consultant Engineer

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