6SigmaDCX Release 16 Enables Confident Operating for Colocation Data Centers

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The 16th release of our simulation software 6SigmaDCX is now available! The 6SigmaDCX suite of products creates a 6Sigma Digital Twin of your data center that simulates its physical behavior under any operating scenario. For our colocation users, the 6Sigma Digital Twin is an especially effective tool for virtually testing the impact potential changes or new deployments can have on your data center.

Much of Release 16’s new functionality focuses on ensuring users can see and understand data center performance on a holistic level. We think colocation users will be most excited about our new integrations and reporting automations.

Important improvements for colocation users include:

  • Imports: automate importing of file types, such as DWG, DFX, PDF, and IFC
  • Reports: automatically generate reports at regular intervals
  • Insights: filter data by change request or loading bay items and share data with customizable chart options
  • Integrations: facilitate more communication between third party systems and the 6Sigma Digital Twin by integrating your system with public APIs.

“For colocation users, 6SigmaDCX provides a toolset and methodology to optimize capacity and mitigate risk. With Release 16, we wanted to incorporate new functionality that will help colocation users operate more confidently. That’s why we’ve made it easier to automate the model build and reporting process, so users can spend more of their time focusing on using simulation data to make informed, reliable decisions,” explains Dave King, Product Manager at Future Facilities.

To learn more about how Release 16 supports colocation data centers, check out the Release 16 page here.


   Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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7 February, 2022

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