Maximizing data center value in the face of constant disruption

Change was rampant before the pandemic. Now it’s just the way things are. But that doesn’t remove the pressure on IT operations to answer whenever the business comes knocking. So how do you gain absolute certainty about what your data center can offer when capacity demands increase, but budgets shrink?

The current climate is not one in which the luxuries of time or financial resources are abundant. In fact, a stark contrast is the reality. Now more than ever IT operations professionals are facing an extreme contrast between the demand they face and the capacity, space and reliability needed to deliver for the business.

The pandemic has caused many norms within businesses to go out the window. For IT operations planning that means greater unpredictability, compressed timeframes and less reliable data. As Gartner has stated: “Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders specifically struggle to meet the increased demand for at-home infrastructure support, as the majority of citizens are teleworking indefinitely and globally.” It’s a thankless task that sometimes seems unmanageable.

Old problems, new pressures

The Uptime Institute has stated that: "Bigger outages are becoming more painful. Outages generally continue to occur with disturbing frequency, and the bigger outages are becoming more damaging and expensive — a fact supported by Uptime Institute survey findings for three years running.” The trend is more worrying still. They go on to say: “Operators admit most outages were their fault. Three-quarters of respondents admit that, in hindsight, their most recent major outage was preventable. With more attention and investment, outage frequency would almost certainly fall significantly.”

So the old problems are still here - whether its managing port availability, assessing the resilience of IT assets, worrying about IT placement and battling to optimize data center space. In fact even before the pandemic and its associated disruption, research conducted on behalf of Future Facilities found that 77% of data centers are seeing increases in demand, with nearly a third reporting significant increases.

Can you answer the business need?

The ramp in pressure throughout the pandemic has been a symptom of businesses having to change faster than they had prepared for, or had the processes in place to deliver against. And this has a profound knock-on to IT operations.

The demand for data center capacity is hard to manage at the best of times, but for those lacking the right tools it is a battle that too often seems impossible to win. IT operations too often has to rely on unscalable and imprecise tools like spreadsheets, CMDB and DCIM. These were struggling to provide adequate insights before. Now they are simply unable to move with the speed and accuracy needed.

See the change in front of you


As business demand becomes more unplanned, urgent and erratic, there’s less room to rely on gut instinct or rule of thumb. Organizations are having to move fast to stay competitive, and IT operations must run at the same pace. Traditionally this wouldn’t have been challenging... it would have been impossible. But that’s no longer the case.

The Digital Twin for your data center provides a risk-free model of your actual facility in which you can test scenarios, model outcomes and predict the benefits of optimizing your current resources. It gives IT operations teams easy-to-use, scalable, intelligent, purpose-built software to manage IT assets and network ports. Critically, it also bridges the gaps between equally pressured stakeholders such as facility operations, power engineers and operations directors. 

Things are fast moving at present, so there isn’t time for tentative experiments, or the breathing room for errors. It’s not a comfortable time for IT operations teams, but the Digital Twin can remove a lot of decision making headaches.

Get your hands on the Digital Twin with our Free Trial.

Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Lead Marketing Editor, and Robert Schmidt, Director of Sales + Client Innovation - Data Center Infrastructure Software SME

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2 November, 2020

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