Mark Seymour to speak at Datacentre Transformation, 11 July, Manchester, UK

29 June, 2017

Datacentre Transformations is the premier data centre education event in the calendar, bringing together the data centre research and design community, the data centre vendor industry and, most importantly, enterprise end users, for a collaborative information exchange.

Mark Seymour will be speaking at this year's event about his work with the National Science Foundation-ES2 Project from 5:15 pm.

'Current NSF-ES2 Research – Is the data center industry too conservative to change?'

The data centre industry is regarded as a fast-moving industry, and indeed this has been the case because of the rapid development of IT and the massive take up of the internet with huge adoption by individuals. Importantly, commercially, it has resulted in businesses becoming critically dependent on IT. This dependence however, results in inertia where the business focuses on certainty of service rather than efficiency/minimum cost of delivery. Initiatives such as the National Science Foundation - Energy Smart Electronics collaborative research project between academia and industry provide an exciting opportunity for industry to be involved with, and further, many new opportunities and technologies for data centres. This presentation will give an overview of the research that might enable your organisation to move its operations forward more quickly and with the confidence to get buy-in from the business.


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