HF Lenz speeds up design process with 6SigmaRoom and Rescale

Engineering firm uses 6SigmaRoom and Rescale to Deliver Fast and Accurate Results to Demanding Clients

H.F. Lenz Company (HFL), a full-service engineering and advanced analytics firm, is a recognized leader in the development, planning and design of reliable, modular, energy efficient, and sustainable, data centers. Their mission critical experience spans nearly four decades and includes data centers for use by private enterprises, healthcare facilities, government agencies, universities, high performance computing (HPC), colocation, and hyperscale.

HFL has been a long-term user of Future Facilities computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software providing both interior and exterior (wind/wake) airflow analysis on an array of cooling system configurations. More recently, the firm has found 6SigmaRoom, in conjunction with Rescale's ScaleX®1 enterprise big compute multi-cloud platform, to be ideally suited for the highly complex simulations required by its hyperscale clients. Today's hyperscale data centers can use upwards of seventy-five percent of the design capacity, which is considerably higher than other, more conventional data centers, making heat rejection a major concern. This issue, coupled with the increased size of data centers and their concentration in urban environments, has led to the importance of external wind/wake analysis.

6SigmaRoom efficiently allows the designer to model various wind profiles including changes in direction and speed that are accumulated from wind rose data analysis of the site.  Other critical components of the external CFD model including the building geometry and architectural details such as roof slope and parapets, ambient air temperature, moisture content of air streams, and controls systems, all contribute to extensive solve times.  Rescale's seamless integration with 6SigmaRoom and numerous HPC clusters provide the capability to solve extremely large, complex models quickly and cost effectively. The detailed CFD model consisting a total of 145M grid cells, was solved on Rescale’s HPC platform in a matter of few hours instead of days. This has proven to be a huge advantage in allowing for timely design decisions and the analysis of alternatives without negatively impacting project schedules.

"The most significant benefit of using the 6SigmaRoom-Rescale CFD solution is that detailed and accurate results are delivered in a timely fashion to influence critical design decisions and allow for exploration of alternatives." 

– Richard A. Madzar, CEO of H.F. Lenz Company

The fact that 6SigmaRoom can be used at any stage of the data center life cycle blends well with H.F. Lenz Company's philosophy of holistically serving a client's data center needs from planning and design through operations and facility audits. After completion of the original design, the firm uses 6SigmaRoom to perform accurate and economic CFD analysis for facility renovations, additions, ongoing IT load management, equipment replacements, and capacity expansions.

The CFD simulation tool from 6SigmaRoom combined with the HPC computing power of Rescale has proven itself to be a powerful force in enabling the firm to obtain accurate and rapid CFD analysis that, in turn, leads to efficient, reliable, and economical data center design and IT capacity planning. 

Blog written by: Chad Mostoller, BIM Manager, H.F. Lenz Company

1. Rescale offers industry-leading software platforms and hardware infrastructure for companies to perform scientific and engineering simulations.

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18 October, 2018

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