Enhanced View: Automated Reporting and Faster Model Manipulation

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Simulation software makes it easier to uncover key metrics about your data center with a distinctive visual representation of temperature and airflow.    

This visual element is important because, for most individuals, information is easier to digest visually. That’s why we’ve put an added emphasis on improving the Enhanced View in Release 16 of 6SigmaRoom.

Specifically, we’ve improved the software graphics to ensure more lifelike visuals, which makes it easier to convey information about model results or design concepts to clients and colleagues alike.

Enahnced view 1

Improved software graphics ensure more lifelike visuals

Model Manipulation and Reporting

6SigmaDCX users will notice and appreciate these improvements significantly when it comes to two key aspects of modeling software: model manipulation and reporting.

Model manipulation is smoother and faster in Enhanced View when compared to Graphical View. This means users can create, edit, and view their models faster.


The same model in Enhanced View (left) and Graphical View (right)

In turn, users can now create reports in Enhanced View. Enhanced View Reporting allows users to create automated, customizable model reports with photorealistic graphics and annotation push pins. Users can use a combination of imagery and text to clearly convey model information to others.

The 6SigmaRoom Reporting Ribbon provides users with many customizable reporting options, which means there is no need to move between word processing and editing software to create a report. Users can also select default reports which contain standard reporting metrics, such as ASHRAE compliance and mean cabinet temperature.

Enhanced View Report Example

Default report example

Tool Tip: Animations

6SigmaDCX Release 16 users can also create Enhanced View animations by employing a series of connected walkthrough cameras. Users can select the resolution and quality of exported animations, including high definition and 4K.


Enhanced View animation example

Simulation software can help you find and interpret the data you need to make efficient, sustainable decisions regarding your data center. The updates to Enhanced View and Reporting ensure communicating this information to colleagues and customers is impactful, clear, and effective.


Blog written by: Danielle Gibson, Product Marketing Manager

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14 February, 2022

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