Digital Twins and the New Space Race

22 August, 2019

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The typical data center is currently spending 136% of the OpEx budget required to meet business demands. At a time when a remarkable 77% of organizations are seeing increased demands on their infrastructure, only 3% of data center managers are happy with the current amount of space they have available (The Digital Twin for Today’s Data Center). Demand is high, space is limited and money is pouring down the drain. 

Facing the New Frontier

The data center industry is facing an immense range of pressures thanks to squeezed budgets, skill shortages and ever-growing demand from the business. We’re seeing a new sort of space race ramping up — more sites, more capacity, more square footage, in more markets. It’s unrelenting.

A big part of the problem is the fact that fear, not physics, is governing many of the decisions made within the data center. Too many facilities are being managed under the comforting, but stifling, weight of a data center security blanket — a blanket of excessive margins around power and cooling infrastructure and IT assets. This gross over-provisioning is what causes wasted budget.

Ready for Launch Today

Perhaps even more remarkable than the scale of waste — or the stresses it imposes on our peers in the industry — is the fact that the solution to this problem already exists and it’s readily available. Future Facilities' 6SigmaDCX software is a proven digital twin of your data center, from design into operations. It is physics-based, using leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and power systems simulation (PSS) that enables you to predict, visualize and quantify the impact of any change in your data center prior to implementation.

This advanced modeling provides insight on the current performance of your data center from a cooling and power standpoint—and what will happen after implementing your future changes. When you’re busy competing in the space race, the digital twin can show you how power and cooling can be managed to accommodate increased density inside the facility. When you’re under pressure to deliver more capacity, potential solutions can be tested in a virtual environment, eliminating the risk of deploying in a live environment. Managing a data center should be a science, not an art.

A digital twin of your data center means you don’t have to rely on the security blanket of costly over-provisioning to safeguard your facility. Instead, you’re empowered to make decisions and deliver value to the business with confidence, all while claiming back that 36% of your budget overspend.

Learn more about the digital twin and the related research that produced these statistics in our free, downloadable eBook.

Blog written by: Akhil Docca, Director of Marketing

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