DCD London, 7-8 November, London UK

We’re pushing the edge of reality with our new VR Platform

Imagine walking around your new data centre... before even starting the foundations.

If you’re developing an edge data centre strategy or moving to a hyperscale model, it would be a game changer to see what these future investments look like from the inside early in the planning phase. Fortunately you can.

Our latest beta advancement is an interactive, immersive VR platform, based on Oculus Rift technology. We can let you walk around your future data centre - from the comfort of an armchair. A recent showcase of the technology with industry media has shown its proven capability.

Just like our world-leading 6SigmaDCX simulation solutions, the VR system offers all our usual monitoring tools for the data centre environment, and beyond! It allows you to move outside, showcasing the impact of weather and the external environment on data centre performance.

We’re also investing in augmented reality, which is set to revolutionise data centre management, with real performance data overlaid onto the real world. Imagine superimposing live DCIM data or simulation results over your racks, UPS and cooling equipment. With human error causing around 22% of data center outages, AR will be invaluable in delivering on those five 9s (and beyond).

If you want to experience this data centre revolution first-hand, we will be demonstrating our VR technology platform at Zettastructure London, Old Billingsgate Market, London from 7-8th Nov 2017. Visit us at stand #6 and find out more about what 6SigmaDCX can do for your datacentre today.

Solution Stage

Improving Data Center Efficiency, Redudancy and Capacity with Immersive Tech

7 November 2017, 14:20 - 14:40


Panel: Where software and skills intersect: Is there a future for young mission critical engineers?


Paul Harrison, Senior Consultant Engineer & Mark Seymour, CTO

7 November 2017,16:20-17:00 

For more details about the presentations, please visit here.

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