David King speaking at Data Centre World, 11 October, Singapore

David King will be speaking at Data Centre World in Singapore this week; For powering, for cooling, for connecting and for securing, Data Centre World, Singapore 2017 is the only space to be. Experience tomorrow’s world data centres on the 11th and 12th October at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore and gather together with the entire industry for the biggest, best and most truly global event in this (or any other) world. 

David King will be speaking in the Critical Equipment and Facilities Management Theatre on the 11th October from 2:45pm. 

CFD Simulation: Filling the gaps in Data Centre Standards
Critical Equipment and Facilities Management Theatre
1445 - 1510

There are several standards that tell the industry how efficient our data centres must be. To do this they prescribe the way in which you should achieve it. In reality, each data centre is different, has different applications and supports different businesses so it is difficult for those prescriptive rules to deliver the best performance for all. CFD Simulation provides the ability to analyse the unique characteristics of your data center, allowing the most appropriate solution to be selected. This presentation will illustrate the use of simulation to address typical design and operational challenges.
While you are at the event make sure to visit our local reseller, PD Solutions at stand E65 to see the 6SigmaDCX Software in action. 

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10 October, 2017

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