Data Center Dynamics, April 5, Madrid, Spain

22 March, 2017

Jonathan Leppard will be back at DCD España for the events 10th Anniversiry on the 5th April, speaking about CFD in the data centre industry.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly  - What is CFD to the Data Centre Industry Today?

5th April, 15:00, Hall 4


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is now wedded to the data centre industry and part of the scene - particularly in design. But is it for better, or for worse? 

So what can go wrong? The danger with CFD becoming an accepted part of data centre design is that it becomes a ‘must have’. The risk is that designers create a model solely to tick the CFD box and cover the requirement. Unfortunately, such a model is likely to deliver little to the design process or be suitable for CFD’s natural use that lies in operational planning. If the end user knows what questions to ask then the risk can be avoided. However, CFD has historically been a tool for specialists and therefore end users cannot be expected to effectively question whether the tool itself is capable or the model reflects the facility.

This presentation addresses the challenge of using CFD effectively for both design and operation, identifying the key “must do’s and don’ts” that make CFD a powerful scientific insight tool, rather than a misleading liability.

The ugly fact is that the right tools and a well-defined model will provide good data for efficient and effective design and operation of your data centre. On the other hand, inappropriate short-cuts will result in predictions that may tell you nothing or even lead you towards a bad configuration and a lifetime of problems.


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